made up words/names in your dreams?

Ever hear or read some made up word or name in your dream? I had semi lucid dream a while ago I was looking at a list of these really weird names and i managed to remember one which was “Nanq Lammet” I looked it up just in case but didn’t find anything.

I sometimes hear or read strange words. Two nights ago I was presented with a quiz in a language I didn’t recognize. strange words seemed to pop into my head and they were all the correct answers. I cant remember and of the words though.
I often use strange words or phrases for my dream shouts. A while ago I was building a server cabinet and stood up and scratched my back on the corner of a desk, out of nowhere I shouted “ARRS MINARF” (put this into google translate and get it to say it in Albanian).This warranted a very confused look from my mate that was helping me. I have assumed this is a word from a dream as I has never herd it before then. Since that day I have said it whenever I hurt myself. And I can’t control whether or not I say it very easily.
I also have used some words I thought of while dreaming for some of my dream shouts.

Yes, that happens to me too. I don’t have any of the made up words in my head right now, but I remember making a list of them in my old, physical DJ. Existing words have also been used in different ways and had different meanings than they have IRL.

I would be curious to hear more. What words have you heard in your dreams and what do they mean? By the way lammet means lamb in swedish if that helps.

I had a dream character standing up in a ND making an important announcement to a crowd…She said “Savall stay with us, savall stay together!” I Googled Savall just now and it is a real name, but I never heard it before. Also, I really wonder what the dream character meant!

I also had another ND where I had to journey across oceans to find the “Book of Three Grains”, which would give me a spell to kill a monster…

I get crazy names for dream characters too… Fordtz, Anzoy, Gleimiladh, DC (couldn’t be any more original haha), Oshgrein and way more :no_mouth: (Mix of ND’s and LD’s)