Magic and lucid dreaming

Is lucid dreaming oneiromancy? How can I astral project, talk to entities like angels or faeries, manifest psychic gifts in dreams first (especially lucid dreams) and then in waking life, put yourself in other peoples dreams, have dreams of the future or discern if a dream is from God?

What are your ideas about dream magic?

I vaguely remember that I looked up the word oneiromancy before and it is actually used for dream interpretation, although from a spiritual perspective and not the psychological kind. So while this meaning is not exactly the kind of dream magic you’re talking about, I guess it’s fair to assume a broader meaning for the term is also acceptable.

Magic comes in very different flavors so it’s good that you mentioned a whole bunch of examples that you have in mind. I have not made any of those things happen personally, or at least not without convincing evidence that it actually happened. For example I visited somebody else’s dream before but that person when asked did not remember such a dream in that night.

My view on dream magic is a little more abstract. I think it goes along with some ideas in occultism: to be able to shape or at least influence the world through the force of your will.

Of course linked with lucid dreaming this is somewhat obvious: you’re creating and manipulating the dream world around you after all by pretty much the sheer power of your mind, will also playing a certain role there. But of course it would be interesting to take this out to the waking world, too. So oneiromancy gets really interesting where dreams allow you to influence the real world. I definitely successfully managed to do that, and it didn’t even need lucidity. For example to break a bad habit or grow a new good one. Maybe there’s something that you don’t like but really can’t make yourself stop doing. Until you have an epiphanic (is that a word?) dream and it’s like a switch was flipped when you wake up. Or changes to your relationships with other people, those are easy to manipulate with dreams, too.

So I basically define the scope of oneiromancy to be something that I definitely know is possible, exists and that I have partly done already. I think in that way it’s a useful concept and not just a fantasy.

I also find it interesting to contemplate what may constitute oneiromancy and where its limits are. I think your ambitions are currently beyond what I credit it for, but maybe not so far that it is unachievable. At least in some sense.

First…I had a LD last night and the night before! I have been starting to practice magick. Probably for about a month now. I will read the rest of your response and then reply again.

Anyways thank you for your response.