short question: has anybody ever done it for making lucid dreams happen? has it worked?

totally slips my mind whether I have though I guess I must have at least once. I do know it didn’t work. I’d’ve remembered that!

IMO, magicks can induce lucid dreams because you believe they can. That being said, I did some rituals once that really REALLY made the lucid dreams flow… but that’s probably because I have a wild imagination.

Anyway, they required three people, and if you don’t have two friends that will do wierd stuff with you then you’re out of luck.

Let me know if this sounds at all interesting.

Why don’t you tell us the ritual, and we’ll sort out the ‘friend’ bit later?

Hi Davion!

did you do a Wicca ritual or an old Indian one…just curious…
but it wont kill me because iam not a Cat…I think…lol


I think that the only way it would work would be by the placebo effect. So you could just do it by yourself and believe that it would happen.

And Jeff what’s with the cat thing?

Anyway i think any kind of ritual is interesting, so i’d like to hear any kind you got.

Hi Alex, just a joke…curiousity killed the cat…
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I mean curiosity Alex…sorry!


You said that you were curious? Well it may not kill you, but… OH NO! You killed a cat!!! You murderer! :grrr:

And can you tell me about the rituals??

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No for the rituals u really have to be with Davion…
I was just curious…oh no said it again…if it was wicca or an old indian ritual…just interested like you…

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Ok then.
Davion can you tell us the rituals?

you could always try invoking Hypnos or Morpheus and then take it from there…

Since it most likely just works by the placebo effect anyway, it doesn’t really matter what ‘ritual’ you use. You could just make one up yourself and that would work just aswell as any other if you believed that it would.

Careful… I am not sure I would say that magik is a product of the placebo effect. Perhaps rituals to invoke LDs are, but not magik specifically.

It is neither Wicca nor Shamanism… although it is a lot closer to shamanism than Wicca… to further clarify, it’s closer to south american shamanism.

#1 This is a guided realization ritual…

3 people are needed. When they first sit and hold hands, they should all be at complete peace and harmony with one another.

The three site in a triangle (not circle, since 3 can’t make a circle) and close eyes. One does the guided realization until everyone reaches ‘sync’, at which point the guide just stops talking and everyone pretty much sees and experiences the same thing. It takes a practiced guide to know when everyone has synced, or it takes… well… practice.

To start, have everyone close his/her eyes and visualise a white sphere in the center of his/her consciousness. (the next steps should be done slowly) Tell them to move the ball to the far left of their consciousness. Tell them to slowly start the ball rotating around clockwise. Tell them to speed it up until it now looks like a ring.

Now tell them to move through the ring, and as they pass through the ring, they notice a flame on the other side. When through the ring, imagine the flame all around, but not burning anything. Now imagine that the flame has become a room around you.

The room has four walls, but no doors/windows. Have everone imagine a table. Imagine items on the table, etc. Now it might be a good idea to stop here and discuss with everyone what has happened if it’s the first time… but DON’T just say ‘okay, stop imagining now.’ You MUST reverse the proces… empty the room, make the room a flame, go back through the ring, make the ring a ball, stop it, move it to the center, open your eyes.

Now on the second attempt, or when you feel everyone is ready, start over and when in the room, imagine a door on the floor. It’s a round door. imagine the door opening, and notice that the door leads into a tunnel… the tunnel swirls with color. [please note that tradition teaches that this tunnels is STATIC regardless of who goes into it. I have only explored ONE path, so proceed with caution.]

Follow the tunnel to the FIRST branch, which will lead downward. The tunnel will soon open into the clouds of an island world. Land on the island, and in the center of the island is a monolith with some odd writing. Look at the monolith and make a note of the symbols. Have the group split up and search around the island, but beware, there might be a dragon or some other strange creature there. He can’t hurt you unless you think he can, and that’s only mental, not physical. Still, if you see him, tell your group to meet back in the tunnel and reverse course back to the white sphere and open eyes.

The idea is to explore the various worlds to which the tunnels lead, and leaern to realize a connection with the spiritual worlds. This will greatly enhance the acuity toward lucid dreaming.

2.) This requires a dark room.
Get a red candle (yeah I know)
Get a red/orange scarf/handkercheif
Put the candle on top of the scarf and light it. Set it on a short pedestal. Have one member of the group stare at the candle, thinking of nothing in particular, but intently staring. (it’s okay to blink.) the other two people sit on opposite sides of the first, and stare intently at him/her, thinking of nothing in particular, but intently staring.

This will induce hallucination about 30% of the time. It’s scientific and all that, but it still leaves you with a freaky feeling for a long time, and it helps lucid dreaming.

Hi all, sounds like a trippy experience, only i hav a question becouse my english is not super, whats a scarf/handkercheif ? :eh:


It is a small piece of cloth.

thnx for explaining davion and thnx for translating in dutch Haemophage.

i am interested if any one has any rituals of some sort they could give me that helps LDs come along. I havent had my first yet and i really want to…
anyways if you have any could you please email it to me
if you can be bothered that is… :bored: :content: :smile: :happy: :shy: :cool: :grin: :tongue: :alien:

I’m relatively sceptical about these things but last year I tried sigil magick (about which there are hundreds of sites on the web) to increase the number of lucid dreams I had, and it seemed to work pretty impressively for a few months.

Obviously there’s no way of knowing whether this was ‘real’ magick or the placebo effect but frankly who cares? It’s results that are important and it worked for me.