my main goal for when i am in a LD has always been magic. it would be amazing to use fire, fly or levitate and just break the laws of phisic. its sad that when i am lucid i have not enought control and it normally last onlt like 15 seconds and then i wake up (btw if anyone have tips for that, i need them! :eek: )

i think its cool if you all can tell what magic you used in LD 's you had, and how you did it. you can also tell your goals (it has to be by using magic).
so if you like it, you can comment below :content: :wink:

PS: i made this because i hope people can learn from each other, like what you can do and inspire each other with awsome lucid dream magic (and not only the normal ones like flying…)

When I use magic while lucid I default to pyrokenisis. I don’t even like fire in waking life. I have also yelled out random ‘magic words’ at dream characters just to see what would happen. Most of the time those are fails but sometimes they turn into other creatures. Scary for them. Entertainment for me.

In regards to your short LDs, don’t worry, they’ll get longer over time. One of the problems is that extreme emotions can cause you to destabalize the dream or even wake up. New LDer’s get really excited that their lucid and don’t know how to modulate their emotions. There are also dream stabilization techniques, such as rubbing your hands or doing RCs. I’d suggest looking into those.

I never really consider what I do “magic,” but I guess it could be thought of that way.

I created a fireball in my hands from a couple envelopes last night, then turned it into a campfire.

I’ve found that lately I can use my hands for any magical purposes I want. Simply wave the palms of my hands over something, kind of visualize it melting into what I want it to be/to do, and it happens. It’s kind of like Sculpting honestly.

Oh, wow.
Where to begin.
I love magic in dreams.

Probably my favourite things i have done:
*Time travel (i did this while having a battle and it was awesome)
*fire an energy beam from my hands (mowing down enemies)
and, my absolout favourite thing i have ever done,
turn into a huge surge of water. When i did this, i would surge, then my torso up would solidify into human form for me to slice my enemies in half, then i would turn fully into water again and move on. (combined with slow mo)

as you can tell, i love fighting people.
Hope this inspires you :happy:

It’s Magic :happy:

Hi there, LucidMe :smile: What helped me to extend my LD’s was to calm down first. That’s very important. Don’t hurry yourself, calm down and concentrate what’s around you. See, feel, smell your LD, that should help you :smile: Take something in your hand when your dream starts to fade but don’t panic.

And now the magic part :happy: If it’s hard for your mind to create magic (because you can’t in your RL and just used to it) then trick your mind out^^ E. g. take a magic wand like in Harry Potter and use it to create any kind of magic you like. I call those tricks short cuts. We have to trick our mind because we are so used to the real world that we sometimes find it hard to fully realize what we can do in our dreams.
For some reason I never had a problem to let things appeare or disappeare. I can let grow a couch out of the ground or make stormy clouds vanish. I use my hands for it like a conductor. What I can’t do on the other hand is walking through walls :sad: But I can live with that :content:

Hope I was a help for you though your post is already a while ago :smile:

Best regards
Nate :tongue:

I believe you can accomplish anything in a lucid dream, if you fully understand that the dream is your mind’s “painting”. You are not using your eyes, you are not limited by your physical form and anything you can think of can instantly appear.

I don’t call it magic, I call them superpowers in non-lucids and…well, being lucid is sort of a superpower already: omnipotence. I’ve created tornadoes by just willing them to existence. I also made the tornado vanish when a DC asked me nicely to stop. I’ve made an apartment building fly by touching a wall inside it and extending my senses to the entire building to feel it. I’ve created a ball of plasma in my hands by just wanting it to happen. I’ve made my blood literally boil in a lucid dream in order to be stronger.

Hey Letaali :happy:

I agree completely! But for a beginner I thought it’s easier to use a “tool” :smile:

It was cool to read what you are doing in your LD’s. :happy: I have still problems with some stuff for reason though I’m absolutely aware everything is just something my mind created and that I can change it with my will. I think I just have to train it and then it’ll work es fluently as it works in your LD’s. :smile:

Best regards
Nate :tongue:

Totally agree with this. Some of my abilities will work the first time I try it, others I have more difficulty with and have to train up to a level of proficiency. For example flying was one thing I had to train up and also lentation (phasing through walls). I am now so good at this that if I become lucid inside a building I can just fly straight through the wall and it works every time. I don’t even think “what happens if I can’t pass through the wall” because I know that won’t happen and I don’t expect it to happen, besides it’s just a dream so why should I be worried about hitting a wall anyway?

Some other skills like fireballs I need to work on and train up. I hear a lot of people using energy in their dreams but in my opinion it’s all in your mind, all you need to do is will it to happen mentally. Putting an energy component into things just adds complexity and would probably be tiresome.