Magical control but not Lucid..

So i was flipping through my dream journal’s old dreams and found one that i remember was profound. It’s one of multiple dreams i have had where i could control things with my mind yet not know im dreaming. Here it is. Dream: Im standing on top of this tall structure in a city with my mom and my friend. Im trying to spin this globe (about the size of a basketball) that is made of black space and stars on my fingertip. My finger even penetrates it like its liquid once. My friend asks to try so i give it to him. I tell mom i can control things with my mind. Theres music playing in the background and i can tell its so loud that the whole city can hear it. I will it to get quieter and it does. Someone of authority is for some reason alerted by me and theyre now trying to kill me. Im in a high room of another skyscraper now. I see a bunch of missiles all propped up on the wall that i believe they are planning to use on me.i throw them all out of the window then realize they will probably destroy the building im in then it starts crumbling down. I run and jump out of the window and float to another roof top ( mind power). Ive now got hellicopter blades on me propelling me i jump off of this building, bounce off of someones back who is trying to get me and glide hundreds of yards slowly descending all the way to the ocean shore :cool: ( suddenly im small like the size of a pinki finger ) i land just out side of a clear drinking glass. Theres a misquito on the rim and i flick it off. ( i believe this part was a manifestation of my subconscious fear of nasty things touching my food and what not ). Now i turn my attention to a small worm on the ground thats trying to escape me but has no chance. It doesent realize ive taken it so far from its city… THE END so this is kinda weird how i have non lucid dreams where i can control things. Maybe its because i daydream about controlling lucid dreams during waking life. Does anyone else have these? :eh:

Sounds like a cool dream! :smile: Earlier I had some non-lucid dreams with superpowers too (usually teleportation), and I find them to be at least equally enjoyable as LDs. I think it has to do with both having lucid dreams, and as you say, daydreaming about them. How many LDs have you had at this point?

Yea they are usually very enjoyable and I wake up from them feeling good still. But disappointed when I can’t levitate anymore lol. I’ve probably had around 125 how about you