Maintaining balance between sleep and wakefulness

When I’m drifting off to sleep and trying to lucid dream, I’m trying to figure out just how to maintain the perfect balance between the parts of my brain the need to go to sleep and the parts that need to stay awake- it feels like a very precise and fragile thing to hold on to and I would really appreciate knowing any secrets to it

Wait until you’ve already slept 4-6 hours. It goes a lot smoother when you’re mind is basically already in sleep mode. You also have better dreams around that time. For me, I find it easier to daydream as I fall back asleep, specifically concentrating on sense of touch. As I do it, I have to make sure to keep the fact I’m sleeping in the back of my mind or I’ll just fall back asleep.

Ive only been doing this for 5 nights but I find that is true. I sleep until 3 am and then I start having vivid dreams and eventually I write them down. I haven’t had lucid dreams yet but years and years ago I had them all the time.