Maintaining lucidity

Oddly enough, I just remembered in the last few minutes a dream of mine form last night. (I have to rely on recitiation and pure memory to recall dreams since I sleep in a loftbed and it would be nearly impossible for me to effectively keep a DJ)

It was a fairly high-level lucid dream, and I managed to make good progress with telekenesis while it lasted (I managed to hurl at least two cars high up into the air, and crushing at least one of them with nothing but simple hand gestures).

However, I recall that my lucidity itself was short-lived and rather fragile. I can specifically remember being at wildly varying degress of lucidity while in what I know was the same dream. Going from high lucidity to low lucidity and back to high before losing lucidity altogether.

I also tried to change form, for what must be the millionth time with absolutely no success (besides very minor changes in shape and cosistency).

My main problem at the moment, however, seems to be maintaining my lucidity. Once I can perfect this, I am confident that the rest of the finer points of LD-ing will quickly follow. Any help you can offer on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again guys! :help:

Well, you basically need to learn how to stabilize the dream, which is something that i’ve been reading about these past two days.

There are a few techniques that you could use as soon as you’re lucid; rubbing your hands together, spinning around, touching an object in the dream, or even telling yourself to get more lucid; shouting “Gain lucidity” or something along those lines could help. Another way is taking a pill, which you recognize as a “Lucid Pill”, and telling your mind that by taking that pill, you will get get more lucid/stabilize your dream, could do the job.

Also, getting too absorbed into your dream surroundings would eventually result in you losing some of your lucidity, if not all. Same goes for distracting events. When alot of things are happening, try to stop and pause everything, and continue from there the way you want to.

It’s kinda hard to maintain a LD in your first few; i think it comes with experience. You’d be extremely lucky if you have a full blown high-level LD in your first LD’s, but that’s not a rule i guess.

Hope that helped!

Those are all methods to prevent the dream from fading, I’m fine at doing all those. My problem is that while my dream keeps going, my lucidity really varies even while the actual vividness of the dream remains the same.

I do find that the lucid pill has helped me with maintaining or even increasing my lucidity though. Problem is, it ususally requires a fair bit of lucidity to begin with.

If you remind yourself that youre dreaming constantly you should be fine. With time and practice you’ll stay lucid more easily and don’t have to remind yourself.
Me I usually stay lucid without problem but all too often i wake up too soon. The prolonging techniques have always failed.