Maintaining Lucidity?

Last night I had a LD for the first time in a while (I used to be a frequent LDer but I stopped for a while and now I’m getting back into it). It was great and it lasted a long time, but looking back I’m not sure if I maintained lucidity throughout the entire dream. I know for a fact that I was very lucid in the beginning and everything was crystal clear. I started doing what I had planned to do (acquire a Harry Potter wand and cast spells, summon a broom and fly around :tongue: ) and it was all going great. I got a wand and a broom and was casting spells, but slowly, ever so gradually, the amount of consciousness decreased. By half-way through the dream, I was only semi-lucid. I was still carrying out the task I set out to do, but in the midst of it all, I had lost that wonderful crystal-clear feeling of a perfectly clear LD.

How can I remember to stay lucid during the entire dream? This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I know all of the techniques to stabilize the dream, but the problem is that after doing them in the beginning, I stop worrying about them and before I even know it my lucidity is slipping away. I need a way to revive that lucidity so that it is present throughout the entire dream, not just in the beginning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :content:

Well I think that those techniques are not just for beginning of the dream. They are when you start to lose lucidity or level of lucidity. So don’t do them only at the beginning of the dream, do them whenever you feel that lucidity is fading or weakening.

It’s the logical conclusion if you said that you do them at the beginning and then the dream is crystal clear but later on it’s not that clear…

Yes, know that, but my question is how to remember to do them later on in the dream. :smile: Because with the loss of clarity/lucidity comes lack of memory to do techniques like that. Usually I don’t realize that I was losing lucidity until after I wake up. When I look back, that’s when I realize that I had slowly been losing control of the dream.

Oh :grin: , I prevent that with constant reality checking. Whenever I would do something else like being in one room then enter into another or went out I would do RC and doing that I would reinforce the link between myself and the dream = lucidity!

I find keeping the thought that I’m dreaming in the back of my head helps. Like, focusing on what I’m going to do next and not having the “holy crap I’m dreaming!” feeling. I find if I think too much about how I’m dreaming, it’ll make me fade out. My long and vivid LDs usually happen when I keep the thought in my subconscious.

If you do start to fade out, rubbing your hands or clapping is a good way to stabilize. Also just taking in what’s around you, like looking around and picking things up.