Majoring in dreaming

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Anyways, I was have a quick question: What college majors would be best for a career in the study of dreams? I would think psycology (okay, that right there is spelled wrong. where does the ‘h’ go?!), but I don’t know. Have you ever heard of a major specifically in Oneirology?

I know this is a really stupid question, but I still wanted to ask it. :neutral:

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That’s an interesting question! I don’t think I had every stopped to think about it. According to a quick google+wikipedia research I just did, oneirology (the scientific study of dreams) is still a proto–science. That means it’s not widely recognized as an independent science, and therefore, there isn’t such a thing as a major in oneirology currently.

Therefore, what you’d have to do is start a major in either Psychology or Neurophysiology, probably minor in the other one, and also Biology, Social Studies and Anthropology. As far as I could see from that quick research I did, the best place to start would be Stanford, where they have a sleep lab with the most advanced studies of both Sleep and Dreams (incidentally, LaBerge’s research used to be run in Stanford before he founded the Lucidity Institute). Another good place to study dreams in the US is Chicago.

If you can choose between College and University where you live, go for College and try a mixed graduation in Psychology and Neurophysiology. If where you live, you can only go to University, or have more restrictions, I’d go for Med School, and then later try to do a Master Degree in Psychology.

I hope I could help. Good luck!

Hey, that works! Thank you very much for the info, Brune. (Is it okay if I call you Brune?)

No worries, it was quite fun to look for it. :content: I had never thought of seriously enduring a life centered in dreaming, that’s quite an idea actually. :smile: Perhaps still not quite an idea for me, as I have other goals to chase already, but a nice thing nonetheless.

And yeah, you can call me Brune. :content:

I know there a few colleges out there that have majors in parapsychology, which has to do with metaphsycicality and I’m sure lucid dreaming is involved quite a lot.

Check out the Monroe Institute, I believe it’s in New York, it is a major educationial place for dreaming and astral projection, ect.