making a LD in a dream, or dreaming about LD, does it count?

Hi there ! :happy:

It has been more than one month since my last LD, and I felt desperate about having another one. But this night…

I was in a dream in which I could tape my dream on video. I was watching one of my dream on tv, and I suddenly push the button STOP to observe more carefully the landscape of my dream. I was in the observation, and all of a sudden, I went IN the image of the dream. I told myself ; "oh I’m so glad I came back in this dream, now I’m lucid ! :happy: :tongue: " I gaze at the nature around me. I was in the country side, in a big field with little trees and giant trees. Behind me two houses, very ancient, made of white stones. I came to the biggest tree and realized there was a merry go round. I played like a child…

Then, I awake…or I thought I was awake, because it was a false awakening. I found myself in my parents’ house (I don’t live with them anymore for long) and my parents were angry at me because they heard me shouting and laughing during the night. “you have to stop your LD” they said.

So…was it a kind of LD or did I just dream about a LD that I only watched ? :confused:

Thanks in advances :wink:

It sounds like a dream about LD unless you had more awareness than you mentioned in your post.

Beautiful dream :content:

Also, I see you have “meet the toddler I was” as a LD goal. Playing like a child in a merry go round, you were very near achieving this goal, don’t you think?

You were almost lucid, so be glad, celebrate :partying_face:
Please don’t be disappointed if it does not count as a LD. You had a high level of awareness in your dream, this is a good thing in the process leading to getting lucid more often.

Thanks Majah for your kind answer :content:

I’m always expecting the best of myself and I’m harsh with me when i can’t reach it, but you are right, it’s a first step. :wink: