Making a phone call

Have you ever tried to call someone in your dream?
Can you even dial? Does it ring? Does someone answer?
What do they say? Who answers the phone?

I tried to make a call in an LD before but didn’t make it to the phone before some crazy dogs attacked me and woke me up. (I tried to ignore the one dog I saw but when I turned around there were 3)

I had a ND once where someone called me… in the dream someone had robbed my house… when I answered the phone it was the voice of the robber and all he said was “We’ll meet again in the year 20XX” I couldn’t understand what year he said.

Anyone experience anything like that?

I had an LD a long long time ago where I did try to call someone. I couldn’t get the phone to work however (I can rarely get electronic devices to work in my dreams), and infuriated, I threw it on the ground. It shattered into several pieces. That robber thing sounds pretty scary, but if I were you I wouldn’t worry about it. The contents of dreams are usually just nonsense that means nothing.

i was lost in a dream once and wanted to use a phone to call for a ride. this man said here use my sell and threw it to me and he took off. i tried to call my girlfriend but the phone did not work right. i know that any electronics dont work right in the dream world unless your super lucid but even then u have troubles. i did read some ones dream before and they diald 0 in hopes of talking to a oporater on an old pules phone where the numbers go around in a circle and they got a hold of a dream world oporater. they where able to ask questoins and get reasonable responces. hope that helps.

Cool… I’ll have to look into it.

The dream about the robber calling me… the guys voice was so real… it really sounded like someone was talking to me on the phone.

I had a dream where the TV was already on… there was a crazy looking smiley face that started to come out of the TV…
to check and see if I REALLY was dreaming (even though I was already Lucid and knew I was dreaming) I picked up my guitar and threw it at the TV.
I looked away and when I looked back everything was still as it was… no guitar no noise of it smashing against anything.
So I decided to jump on top of my wife who was sleeping in our bed (not really our bed and not in the same position that it is normally in.
As soon as I jumped on her I woke up.

I’ve once had an entire dream that was a phone call a while ago. It was before I really knew about lucid dreaming but I remember was talking on my cell phone to this girl I used to work with. There was a very depressed and sad/serious tone to her voice. One thing I clearly remember was that the “physical” sound of her voice was crystal clear. More so than any real phone. I started wondering why it was so clear, her voice sounded like it was in my head. And then I woke up.

I don’t think dialing the right number matters. Just pick up a phone and dial a number, but think of the person you want to talk to and expect them to pick up when you send the call. Works for me and I’ve gotten people to come to me in a dream with phone calls.

Phones usually work for me in lucid dreams. I rarely dial a number though, I just pick up and say “Call _____!” In NDs though, especially nightmares, they’re almost always dead.

Afew years ago: I recall already being on the phone with a friend once I got to the dream once. I also recall speaking into a futuristic looking watch expecting a reply, but got nothing

Been using my phone more than usual in dreams and fragments now that its broken :meh: …How about that. I recall the texting, being on the phone, and my phone malfunctioning at a bad time.

So the objects are pretty much unstable?

I’ve been trying to get back to where I was lately so I can test some of these things… I had a LD 2 days ago but as it normally goes I got distracted with other things before I could try anything.

Maybe I should break my phone? :wink:

:lol: Nah trust me its not worth it you should keep your phone in tact. Just keep working on control and lucidity to get back where you were once before you should hopefully get one to work then. Aww man those moments when getting distracted and not recording entries are no fun. :neutral: I wish the best on that sittuation.