Making friends with dream characters

Looking back through my dream journal, I see a lot of dreams where I’m sure the dream character was friendly, but nothing really happened (good or bad) I think if I’d approached them, I could have made the dream more positive.

This isn’t about turning hostile dream characters/monsters into friendly ones, more about engaging ones that already seem friendly.

Some ideas tbat come to mind:

  • greeting the dc, saying hi or giving them a wave
  • giving them a hug
  • if they seem to have some kind of problem, offering to help
  • inviting them out to an event of some kind
  • giving them a present (would make story sense if the premise is you already know them fairly well)
    How some things get interpreted might depend a bit on the gender/sexual orientation of the dreamer and the DC.

Are there any obvious things to do that I’ve missed? What differences are there in how you approach male vs female dream characters?

(P.S. I realise this could verge on being dating advice… I’m specifically talking about dream characters, who can be a bit different from real life).

I like the idea of offering to help them or acting under the premise that you are already good friends. The former in particular seems like it could lead to an adventure.

I’d very much like to bring out more of my DCs’ potential. I tend to mostly get ones that are dumb and vacant… perhaps due to my own expectations.

I’ve also been interested for some time, and have been unsuccessful in, cultivating a friendship so that I have a kind of recurring dream side-kick.

Well in my dreams there allways is a dog i had a few years ago. Sadly he died due to a car accident. Anyway he is my dreamsign and i can speak to him. I once told him to remind me everytime he sees me that i am dreaming right know :happy: And sometimes thie technique works, its amazing :happy:

dreamsign can have positive or negative moods. I once asked a random person in a dream if he culd remind me that I dream the next time I see him, but he just said: “No ask someone else”???

I had one recently where a guy was berating me for the hurt I was causing by a certain behavior I have. I was about to attack him but then decided to converse. That led to me feeling friendship towards him and I patted him on the back as we walked together. This was about me realizing he was right and I was wrong. I admitted my mistake. Kind of a twist on the ‘talk to them and they’ll become friendly’ but in this case I dropped my defensive anger and we both became friends.

That sounds good, I think the problem I have is I believe I can control everyone in my dream when I am first aware of it, so in general I realise I’m dreaming and feel so excited that I tell anyone around to go full musicals mode and dance and sing around me in unison😂

Other characters I see them as having their own mind though. So they start acting as such, it is really strange but something I am interested in studying to a certain extend. Like how much can we influence a character and if we want them to be a sidekick and speak their own mind, how much can we do this? How’s easy is it to totally control one character and giving another one his own way of acting without feeling we are infuencing them? I’m looking forward to reading your experiences.

I have yet to have my first lucid dream, but I have thought a bit about what I will do and what it may be like. Reading other’s experiences on ld4all is something cool, because I only know two other people in “waking life” that I can converse with about these things.

The other day I drove by a church with the sign that read, “He who is afraid to negotiate seeks to control.” Boy, did it make me feel like an a-hole! The sign pushed my button something fierce. How dare it challenge my ego and call me afraid?!

Now, as I read all of these comments about controlling dream characters vs. interacting with them and getting to know them, I think about my goals for dreaming.

As much as I have liked control over my waking life, I think it may be time to just let go and see what my mind does. I’ve been working on my listening skills in waking life and perhaps this is the perfect reason to let that translate into my dream world.

The idea of asking a DC - like your dog - to tell you that you are dreaming is pretty darn cool though! Maybe I can negotiate that with a DC in return for something else?

Has anyone ever tried reasoning with a DC?