making LDs more Vivid

Hey all, I have about 2 lucid dreams a week but for some reason they don’t seem like everyone says they are, i feel like i am rushing all the time and everything seems kind of fuzzy, i was just wondering if anyone can help me make my dreams more normal and calm like in real life, because if i do slow down…i feel like im just going to wake up. also help on making the dream more vivid,

I appreciate all help,


Slowing down is defenately the key. I know it’s hard not to rush to try and do as much as possible when you become lucid, but just stopping and examining your surroundings actually makes the dream last longer in most cases, as you get less excited and you have better clarity of mind. Stopping and looking around also makes the dreams much more vivid. Also try to use your other senses, especially touch, because this seems to increase the vividness too. (for me at least)

ok thx, i’ll try it out

Till now i only tryed once,but the “commands” have helped me on this.If your dreams is blurry,just say to yourself loud “CLEAR VISION,NOW” or something like that.If you feel like waking up,you can try “STABILIZE THE DREAM”.
You just have to say it and mean it.Remember,you make your dreams,so the only thing you have to do is make clear what you want :smile:


I completely agree with this! When I realize I am dreaming, I usually stop whatever it is that I am doing and look around, usually while reminding myself that I am dreaming (or sometimes I lose the lucidity) Then, I usually just try to fly to get a better view of everything. My most vivid LD’s were while flying and looking down below. Amazing, breathtaking landscapes, some of the most vivid and beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen! I haven’t gotten to the stage where I can hold on to this vivid state for very long, but I have experienced it.

Good luck! :alien:

Hey Duzz, I just figured out something. :hm: I never just stop and use any other senses then sight. And I remember that my right before I became lucid in my first real lucid dream, I remember the feeling of a knife in my hand cause I was stabbing cops to death. That is the only time I ever remember using and other sence besides sight. :eh: Well and hearing, but I mostly just hear people talking. Nothing more.

So the point is…? Taste and smell are not often used? or is the “stabbing cops to death” part the point?