Making love in dreams


1.) does it feel better than real life? Or worse? Or same?

2.) is it hard? Or is it easy?

3.) flying or making love?


[color=darkred]How about flying whilst making love?
Now that, is the making of a dream.

hahah. I wanted to say something that sounded really corny.
I’m pretty happy with it.
But to answer your question I wish I knew.
Sex isnt very high on my lucid priority list[/color]

As far as I know it’s very difficult, here you can see why:

Having sex in LDs

I would say you should start with something easier, like flying. Once you get used to lucid dreaming you can try something more difficult.

Also :welcome: to ld4all!

1.) does it feel better than real life? Or worse? Or same?

for me it is almost same feeling but it always is shorter in my dreams. too bad! :slight_smile:

2.) is it hard? Or is it easy?

for me it was easiest.

3.) flying or making love?

flying because you can not do that in real life. but i liked the idea ‘making love while flying’!

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s difficult.
It actually has many advantages.

First of all, you cannot do anything wrong.
I mean, if you do, you won’t get embarrassed or anything…it’s a DC.

Also, you can do anything you want, no matter how kinky it is :happy:

Anyway…Flying or making love?
I can’t choose that for you.
It really depends.

Some people might enjoy flying more, while other might enjoy making love more than flying.

It’s up to you.

flying while making love is something i have often considered and definitely done a few times

neither is that realistic for me necessarily

unless i feel i am with areal person, when it is very sacred ad i act how i would i real life,

the best dream sensation in a long time was simply when a dc came up and hugged me and said "I love you "

It feels about the same for me.

I’d say it’s absolutely one of the most difficult things to do at first because its so easy to get out of a calm emotional state, which typically causes you to wake up instantly.

Flying is pretty sweet, especially since its something you can’t be in real life. A combination of the two is always amazingly fun. Gets pretty tough when you have to weave through buildings or between trees.