making people appear

yesterday I had an interesting LD… it was really vivid, and I was completely sure I was in an LD. I could do various things, but when I tried to make someone appear, it didnt work, I had no idea how to make that person appear. I would just shout her name and say “appear” or something… but nothing seemed to work, I got frustrated and went on doing something else.

any ideas on how I can make someone appear? what do you guys do for it to happen?


  1. I say they’re behing my back, then turn to see them.
  2. Open a door and they’ll be bhind it.
  3. Go to their place.
  4. Do The Sims I style and, picturing who you wanna call, scream out loud: “Aboooobodaaa!” and see if they come.
  5. Get a [insert name here] seed from your pocket and plant it (WARNING: May become talking tree.)

I’ve tried calling them, and it’s worked twice.
I’ve tried telling them to come out from behind me, and it’s worked once.
I’ve tried picturing them behind a door and opening it, which didn’t work, somebody else appeared instead.

Of course, the calling thing took about five minutes before the person actually came one time, and the other the person appeared at the top of a staircase nearby, so I didn’t manage to get to them before I lost the dream.

I’ve thought of trying to call them on a phone, because that tends to make people appear in my dreams from what I remember. Although, shouting “Aboooobodaaa” sounds like fun even if it didn’t work. n_n

This is something I have to try and work on more. I try a lot, but it hardly ever works.

I’ve never had any real trouble with this, because I’m just too good at convincing myself that the person is behind that tree/house/rock or whatever. Then I just walk until I can see them :smile:

The only thing that has worked for me, is to EXPECT them to be there, which is pretty much Lanina’s technique.