making the *click*

I have a problem, twice now I’ve had the perfect setup for a LD, but failed because of a certain problem: my RC passed!
let me explain: both times it was exactly the same situation, I’m in the front of a school bus and my freind Alan looks at me and says I’m dreaming(why this didn’t register to me, I have no idea) :dingding: , so the first time I do a RC, my RC up till then was to look at my hands and criss cross my fingers a few times, but in this case when I did it, my hands looked normal, and I felt my fingers sliding past one another, so I assumed I was awake, until I woke up. the next time it happened, I tried to open the door of the bus while it was in motion, somthing that would be a dead givaway of a dream(though ill advised in waking) but the odd thing is, the last thing I remember was me reaching for the door lever thingy, then I woke up, and when I checked my dream journal, thats where the entry ended, If I did become lucid, I don’t remember it.

any who… my question is this, does anyone know a failsafe RC that I can use that wont be disruptive in waking life? :rc:

I don’t know of any RC that can’t fail, but some RC’s work better for some people than others. You should keep trying different ones until you find one that works.

I’ve had that problem too. :sad: For me I’ve noticed that the nose RC tends to work better than the hand RC.

The main problem I think is doing the RC correctly. When you look at your hands, look at your fingers and count them, see if they are the right size. Look at the tiny cracks and stuff like that. Ask yourself “if this were really a dream, what should my hands look like? And how do they look like?”

good idea, with the nose thing.
do you think that pain (or the lack of it) would be a good RC?
to wit:
“pinch me, I’m dreaming”

I don’t what your dreams are like, but in my dreams, no RC is neccesary. They are just to “unreal”.
So what happened, you did the nose RC and it didn’t work? And you just gave up on the whole LD thing… that’s weird.

oh,no,no,no, I didn’tgive up on it, I’m just seeing If anyone else has any advice

btw, I havent done the nose thing yet, speaking of which, what IS the nose thing

There are two RCs you can do involving your nose that I am aware of. In one you close one eye and look at your nose, if you can’t see it, (or it appears transparent.) you are dreaming, otherwise you are awake. The second and probably the one being referred to, you would block your nose with your hand and try to breath, with your mouth closed. If you can breath you are dreaming, otherwise you are awake.

If RCs are failing, you could try to focus more intently, and really question if you are dreaming. There is also no reason you can’t do multiple RCs, or repeat an RC.

Yeah RC’s fail sometimes. The one that I’ve found to be most effective is nose RC. Plug your nose and close your mouth. If you can still breath, your dreaming!

Never failed to me except one time when I was sick and my nose was stuff and I couldn’t breath out of it. Or something.

Try pinching your nose, so you wouldn’t normally be able to breathe. Then try breathing through your nose. Always works for me.

yeah yeah! The nose plug technique!
I got lucid for a half a second using that RC.
In my dream i saw my sister plugging her nose, and i realised, I should do an RC, so i did the nose plug trick and I realised i was dreaming, and in that second, i blasted off into the sky. (kinda like how superheros do it)
and i tunneled through the celing. but I lose lucidity as soo as my feet leave the ground. :bored:

thanks everyone for the help, and I’m sure reading this will help some others, too :content: .

I think I’ll start trying both of the nose RC’s in succesion from now on, maybe I’ll have better luck from now on (if my hectic scedule :clock: and idiot brother :wolfbite: don’t get in the way.

Honestly, I don’t find RCs to be very helpful at all. Here’s why:

  1. If you consistently do them out of habit, and it passes like it should while awake, then you can expect it to do the same when you’re dreaming.

  2. If you are lucid enough to question whether it’s a dream, typically a reality check shouldn’t be necessary. Once the thought comes to mind, I instantly realize that I am in fact dreaming. You can just tell.

yeah, well, I’m just looking for whatever will help, because who wants to shell out 140 euros for a lucid dreaming device that might not even work?

either way, I guess all I can do is keep trying, whats the worst that could happen? :ysim: :rip: :dragon: lol

oh, does anyone know anything about using daydreams to iduce lucidity, because once I was daydreaming :universe: from third person veiw, then it all started seeming more and more real, then all the sudden it was morning, like I was in a meditative state all night or somthing, another time I was daydreaming like that and glanced at the clock, the minutes were going by like seconds! :unk: , like, I don’t know, reverse matrix bullet time or somthing