Making things happen in Lucid Dreams

I have been reading this forum for a while, but only now decided to post. It seems that a lot of people have problems with certain actions in lucid dreams (ie flying, flipping light switches, etc). I discovered an excellent technique recently that has solved practically all my problems while LDing: Ask the questions in your dreams! At first, I had lots of problems learning to fly, but finally asked dream characters and they presented tons of different techniques. Fortunately, (at least for me) if you ask confidently it is uncommon to have a dream characters respond confounded that you are dreaming. Hope this helps!

Good technique
I also think that trusting the dream characters when they answer is important

What ever you’re doing, don’t concentrate too much, just let it happen.
I watched ‘Imperium strikes back’ last night, and I must say there are lots in common between ‘jedi’-skills and doing magic in lucid dreams. :smile:

I agree Soothsayer

PS. May the force be with you
(sorry, i just had to say it :grin: )