Making things to fight off other things!

Has anyone every just like, poofed objects into existence in your dreams? Like… say, in a recent nightmare, I poofed a minigun into existence :smile:

But seriously, has anyone ever made things to like fight off evil bad thingies in dreams?

I am a Christian and I do believe strongly in God and the Son but sometimes its just more satisfying to blast ghosts with dream weapons (like some huge cannon thats cartoonishly over sized?)

Try it, it blows off steam too, I usually just feel better the next morning when this happens.

Oh btw, hello, I’m new. (if this doesnt fit, sorry I didnt see a better place)

But maybe I play too many video games…

Yeah, many people enjoy murderising the monsters that are trying to ‘kill’ them.

As for making objects apear - that’s extremely common. The first thing I learnt to do for that matter… :wink:

I made a gun once and shoot someone, but the bullet just went right through him and it didn’t hurt him at all. And the same thing happened when he shoot me :cool: I told him “this is a dream so you can’t hurt me”

yeah. when I blast things though, I tend to blast them good and they go away. Like this one time, some thing like a creature from Alien was after me so I conveniently found a giant gun that was half the size of me and yet was light as a feather, turned and blasted the thing into nothingness. It was very satisfying!

Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that does this.

OH DEAR! cant wait untill I get lucid. Guess who gets a lightsaber :happy::smiley:

one of my first lucid dreams i made a sword appear and chopped down some trees and stuff :happy: i should name that thing because i’ve used it quite alot when i have nothing else to do :cool:

Hi scope!

I’m a christian too, and i do not believe that there is anything wrong with killing things in your dreams, but that falls under the conviction category, so i can’t tell you if its right or not.

Happy Dreaming!

Yeah, I find nothing wrong about vaporizing/murderizing(I like that word)/just pwning demons or aliens or bad things in dreams… Unless you mistake it for you guardian angel lol. Jk I’m pretty sure I’d realize what I’m firing at before I shot, like a 6th sense of marksmenship. Oh that sounds so cool…

Are you LDing Scope? It seems that you would have to be to make things appear. Or maybe not. But the idea is great. I’m definitely going to have to Terminate (pun intended) some evil in my next dream!

Hey Jarod, do you think that the person you shot, could have been another dreamer who was LDing, and also knew (like you) that bullets cant kill him?

we can kill and do whatever we want with DCs, usually,…but I guess if the DC is actually another entity not created by our mind, you cant just kill it

Good question Stranger. That does seem like a possibility

The only weapon I ever remember manifesting in a dream is a knife to stab someone with. It was gang related in some way. The person I stabbed was just someone walking through a department store. I remember hearing this movie in the background. I don’t know how long I was asleep during the movie, but I woke up later and saw that the name of the movie was Sol Good. Pretty dumb movie. But I remember the name of it.

I don’t know stranger, but I guess it could have been another LDer. Or maybe it was a LD god :tongue: or something :bored: But I did expect him to shoot me because he looked very dangerous but I don’t know why I couldn’t kill him though,

Can’t wait till I get lucid. Lightsabers. mmmmmmmm :grin:


I love that smiley