Martial Arts for person with anxiety disorder

I was wondering about this, I know there are some people on this board who are into martial arts. I have taken Aikido and it was cool and all but I’d like to try something else. Anyways I believe that anxiety is something that I can definately get over, I’ve already calmed it down a whole lot. I know that exercise helps it get better and depression too which I also have problems with. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for which martial arts classes I might look into as a real beginner and a nervous shy person. Thanks. :smile:
BTW, being a small wimpy person I’d probably like something I could use in self defence eventually.

Aydira…you have to trust your instincts here…i cant say which one it should be…but i can say this…It has to be the one that gives you pleasure while doing it…thats your compass here! Trust me in that! Just selfdefence is not good enough 4 you, thats not just where your goals are.
What you seek is also inner freedom, that can never happen without experiencing also pleasure at what you do. Maybe shaolin kungfu (animal poses…cat style) or simple boxing…but ehm try several out…your also very sensitive to atmosphere…so it has to be the one that gives you pleasure doing it.
And maybe this is just a start of your search and you end up with something really different…but with pleasure and the freedom you look for inside :cookiemon:

Good luck, and a big cookie hug,

I too have been looking for a martial arts for both self defense and self discipline. I also have to enjoy it like jeff said. I have been interested in the ones monks use for meditaion and self discipline. They really don’t use it for self defense but if I need to I can.

Muay thai boxing will get you over shyness, your gonna actually have to “Fight” when you spar and go into tournaments. Nothing feels better than beating the crap out of somebody’s midsection or kicking them to the head. It’s real fighting.

Jeet kun do is cool, I also take that and it’s fun. I imagine being in akido would help you adapt quickly to jeet kun do since it’s pretty much using many styles to make just one perfect style matching you thus meaning you gotta be able to relax and “flow” which the opposite of hard styles like tae kwon do.