Mass Shared Dream Project...

I, and somebody else from Dreamviews, am starting a mass shared dream project for people to meet and show off their skillz and stuff. If you want more general info, post here. If you want to ask more personal questions, PM me!

Maybe we can have a mass shared dream about flying with Santa and the reindeer on their sleigh on Christmas Eve? That was one of my lucid goals last year, but I did not do it.

Well, maybe! Anything goes! :grin:

interested, what did you have in mind.

Please tell me how to do this, I want to be one of the guest…

:smile: if there was a hard fast way of doing it, it would have been done by now. But interested in trying it regardless always have been.

Consider this a step up from lucid dreaming. Every body has normal dreams, quite a lot of lucid dreams, some have very high lucid dreams and astral projections and others shared dream and others ascend. Each getting harder and harder to achieve.

Still, if no one tries, no one will get it right?

I have fantasized about shared dreams for a long time now, since before I started researching lucid dreams (last night :razz:). Can you give me a date this would take place? I’d love to participate once I learn to lucid dream consistently.

i would like to join so if u could tell me the time u guys r gonna do it then that would be cool and what date and what setting. that would be cool if i could be in it with u guys :happy: so the night u guys do it i am in ohio and i go to bed at midnight and wake up at 7 am on weekdays for school so u guys can just yell out the name shelby or shelbyluvsyou lol and try and make me go to u guys. just so u know its me i have light blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin, braces, and im 14 and kinda short. so please make me go into ur dreams the next time u have a good lucid dream and that would be cool :happy: thanks