Massage Therapy causing Near Lucid Dreams

As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) I have noticed that quite a number of my clients fall asleep during treatment. Out of cuisity at times I ask them if they had a wonderful dream during their session, and they usually say “yes”.

Now I also do exchanges with other RMTs and have had regular treatments myself. During my massage when I feel really relaxed I feel like I am at that stage between awake and sleeping. I see glimpses of people, places, almost like mini dreams. I probably could go further in the dream but that’s when the Therapist hits a pressure point or a tight muscle which usually brings me back.

Has anyone else had a massage therapy treatment and if so did you have any mini dreams?

PS Just to let you know that Massage is great for any age. Whether you’re in your teens or a senior, there are many benefits to having a massage treatment.