Master looking for a guru


I am glad this kind of community exists. I have not met anyone in my life with whom I can talk to about my experiences. I am 48 y.o. and lucid dreamer for almost 40 years.

I am lucid almost full time, except deep sleep. I can create new worlds, make love to the most beautiful women, solve problems, improve my skiing technique, learn to swim, be a dragon destroying the world. Anything is possible. Expect my dreams miss two qualities compared with the daily life.

The first is that my dreams have no smell, no temperature, when I am not cold I am never cold in a dream for example. Anyone managed to experience smell, temperature and other sense other than their imagination?

Finally, I am looking for someone who is a full time lucid dreamer and knows a way how to turn it off :relieved:

Welcome to the community. Sorry for the late reply. Your dream abilities sound really awesome. I know what you mean with certain senses not really being present in dreams. A lot of times I don’t feel pain even if someone is attacking me successfully in a dream. I can’t think of a time I sensed a smell, but I know that very rarely I have felt cold on my arms once when I was out in the snow.

I also know what you mean about having a place to discuss dreams, it’s really a big deal I think and glad to know there is this place to do that.

Now that I’m thinking about it I’m guessing you have tried to feel cold or hot in a lucid dream. It does seem tricky to try to manufacture feelings, sensations, sounds, etc out of nothing. Though things like that can work sometimes. And it’s funny how sense of smell is so important to memory yet it’s hard to recall a smell from a dream.

I am not lucid all the time nor can I create or change a world or turn into another creature. I have had a dream where I was a cat once lol but that was non-lucid. I do have lucid dreams pretty regularly though. I usually have only ever been able to make myself taller or shorter, but never change the actual creature I am.

As far as making them stop or slow down, I could only venture some ideas. One thing I think would kinda work would be to forget about your dreams as soon as you wake up, no matter how interesting the dream was just hop out of bed and find something to do. That’s just the opposite of laying still to recall and journalling. Just get out of bed and find something to do and sort of purposely forget the dream. Sometimes that can save a lot of energy. And when you go lucid, don’t worry too much about the dream, just keep it unexciting so you can stay asleep.

I go through phases of trying to remember them and if a break is needed for whatever reason, I just get up and don’t think about the dreams. Sometimes that can give more energy for the day and a little break, but I always go back to wanting to recall again after the break.

But welcome again, that is very cool that you can do all those things! It would be cool to read some dream journal entries from you. You should make one on the dream journal section for sure.