materializing objects

this is gonna sound like the most stupid question ever but, is it possible to think of a object while LDing and visulize it lets say, next to your bed stand. you wake up and BAM! it’s right there?
I know it sounds silly, but you can’t know until you try it right? :tongue:
it would be awsome too (yes i know its sound nerdy but they are awsome!) manifest some sort of LD bakugan. rolling it onto metal and it opens into a rose or a lion. :smile: like a dream outside protecter :smile:
anyways it you tested it out let me know ur results, and even if you didnt try it, tell me ur opinoun. thank you! :grin:

Only if you have a false awakening, I think. To create an object IWL from within a dream? Not likely.

There’s an old poem about that, or something, about a flower and the guy wakes up with it in his hand, and the last line was something like Ah, what then?

I don’t see how it could be possible, though. One time a DC punched me, and I woke up with an inflamed eyelid on that eye. In movies and stuff there’s sometimes this character who dreams of being chased by a dream monster, wakes up to think they’re safe, and then finds claw marks across their back or something. I doubt that would happen unless there was already something in waking life that would coincidentally cause those scratches, and maybe that waking occurrence feeds the dream of being attacked and not the other way around.

If the item was already in the waking world, in material form, I could accept that a dream seemingly predicts it falling into your possession. Maybe, you caught sight of it out the corner of your eye and didn’t take much conscious notice, and you know what your friend thinks your tastes are, and all sorts of other things, all of that stews in your SC until you dream of it one night only to have it gifted to you the next morning.

Interesting things can happen to the body as a result of dreams. One time a friend ate a strawberry (which she is allergic to) in a dream and woke up to an allergic reaction.

I, too, had a crossing experiance. I astral projected a long time ago and got fish bite marks. Guess what I woke up with? I also have unexplained scratch marks on my back, and no, they’re not stretch marks.

Transfering something from dreams to waking life is not unheard of. But I guess it’s not materializing, but rather finding a physical object similar to the dream one and then “downloading” the essence into it or something.

When I was younger I remember reading a self-titled mage’s journal that said something along those lines. But not even Merlin himself could materialize things out of thin air :smile: so you’d have to find a workaround

With all these bodily examples I believe in a very straigtforward explanation. These things were happening IRL, and they got transfered to the dream. What we musn’t forget is that the body is not fully closed off when asleep; it is still getting signals from the outside.
EllyEve might have hit her eye on a bedpost or something like that, wolvendeer’s friend probably got something before going to bed that caused the reaction without him noticing.
The mind then transfers that to the dream, not the other way around.

And as too an object from a dream to RL… just like that… Not unless you believe in magic.

I read a book where a character could do that, but it turns out he wasn’t actually dreaming, just passing into another reality.

In real life? Not a chance.

Materializing things? No way. Law of Conservation of Matter. The random scratch marks and allergic reactions? Kinda similar to the Placebo Effect. The only reason things get red from scratches is because your body sends this-and-that to the site to do various things. If you’re dreaming and you do get attacked by some kind of monster, your waking body could think that it actually happened and send those cells to the area where it happened in your dream.

Hmm,Hmm. Well it obviously can happen for me. Honestly, who wakes up with fishbites when you havn’t been near water for quite some time. I’ve also brought back unexplained scratches on my back, nothing a meer belt could do over time. So I find it funny how nobody believes it possible here. Almost. The fact of the matter is simple, you don’t know. Tests are great but still something unexpected happens all the time. The law of conservation of matter, could be wrong. It’s easy to tell why, we’re launching objects into space, loss of mass, meteors come in from space everyday, gain of mass. So I think it can be possible to materialize an object without worrying about the opposite. Gravitational pull my explicitoryness!

Another viewpoint. The dream can’t register you getting hit if you’re lucid and havn’t hit one object.

I also believe that there would be a tough process.
Astral project, materialize the object, then enter a lucid dream.
Look for the object while lucid, keep it in your sight and fall into yourself.
All this without closing your eyes. Now you’re in a false awakening.
Grab it, make the object feel as real as possible, close your eyes. Hold it, Wake up.
That is the only test I can think of.

it would be awesome to bring back something from a dream, something solid like a flower like in the poem. reminds me of a nighmare on elm street . but, seriously we are gods and we can do it if we want…i think you have to visualize it strongly, but perhaps only you will have access to witness it, but i’m not sure, aleister crowley would know i think if anyone could do it he definatley could

Well, why not? Power stems from perception, right? ‘:peek:
That’s dream bridging, it usually wouldn’t be that instant or obvious, but than again, who am I to define what’s possible? One can also dream bridge more subtle, intangible things, like emotions. Anyway, check out Reece Jones’ videos on Dream Bridging:

@Dragonmind: Let’s first keep clear that there is a difference between bodily marks and objects materializing out of thin air (or rather out of a dream). I’ve tried to explain these marks, which could go two ways. Wether you believe my or any other explanation is up to you but let’s stick to the objects now.

First of all I don’t think you get the idea behind the Law of Conservation of Matter, talking about spacejunk and meteors. It only holds true for a closed system. So things moving around do not cross the Law, but things appearing out of nowhere do.
And if you don’t want to believe in the Laws of Science that’s fine or course, but do realise that everything around us is based on it, and a lot of things we do and have couldn’t be possible if the Laws were incorrect.

In the end I guess the point of this entire discussion is wether you believe in the correctness (and completeness) of science or not. Not unlike the old shared dreaming discussion.
Unfortunately that means that this discussion can never really be ended, for not even science can’t be proven if you simply don’t believe in it :wink:

Science is never “correct”. It’s always evolving and changing. Geocentrism was mainstream science not long ago. Even less “complete”. Each answer brings out new questions.

Please don’t lecture people if you’ve not covered the basics.

i believe this is completely possible just it can only happen under the right rare circumstances. If someone ever says no, thats not possible, thats against “the laws of physics” Well im pretty sure 200 years ago people would of said the same thing about a telivision. Look at us now! the laws of physics are just the KNOWN laws of how things work. But believe me- the unknown world is alot bigger. Maybe tomorrow someone will bring out a book from their dream, the next day something bigger! you just never know. But i for one, am definiately going to try this.

if you can do that, then please take the object to a laboratory and have it analyzed.

I’ve heard of people who brought cuts and bruises back into waking life. :smile:

@tukkek: People who are saying that the law of conservation of mass and energy might be wrong: the universe would explode with energy if that law were not obeyed.

@Dragonmind: Bringing physical symptoms back from dreams is not a supernatural process. As someone pointed out, the mind manifests these symptoms but more importantly studies have been done that show that events in dreams can trigger corresponding physical “symptoms”. Stephen LaBerge documents the experiment in one of his books (the experiment was actually done on lucid sex, where it was discovered that men would have all of the physical symptoms of real orgasms, except ejaculation, IRL while having a dream orgasm).

Also heres the poem if anyone cares:
“What if you slept, and what if in your sleep you dreamed, and what if in your dream you went to heaven and there you plucked a strange and beautiful flower, and what if when you awoke you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?” -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I’d also like to add that I’m pretty sure the poem is referring to bringing back some sort of mental “fruit” into the waking world, not physical objects.

Correction: it might explode. It might not. It might behave just like it does, but for different reasons. It might even be exploding somewhere we can’t see.

All we know are the results, not the actual laws. Newton was right until Einstein proved him wrong, but by very little - in terms of results, not theory. The theory was completely different. Einstein himself might be wrong by even less, but his explanation makes predictions that turn out to be exact - to our current measuring capabilities, just as Newton’s were, back then.