Materializing Whole New Environments?

After receiving Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming as a gift, my lucid dreaming frequency has increased greatly, and I have been trying all different sorts of things. However, there is one thing in particular that I have hit a stumbling block towards.

The best way to explain it would be to describe the dream which I attempted to materialize a whole new environment around me. I was kind of standing in an endless black void (despite there being no actual ground to stand on), with nothing inside save for a cheap green folding table with four pieces of paper on it. I read the text on these to become lucid, and took a minute or two looking at the text, away, and back seeing how it would change.

In any event, I got bored with the bleak environment I was in and tried to materialize a whole new one around me. I repeated to myself several times that I would create my desired environment, but the experience was very draining and I did not acheive what I desired. Instead of ending up outside the house owned by a DC, I ended up in my room. I had lost lucidity by that point and proceeded to watch television.

Are there any good methods or ideas you can recommend that will assist me in changing my surrounding environment completely? Looking back, I probably should have materialized a door to walk through, but I wanted to simply be in the environment instead.

Well at first I thought you were in NREM sleep (which yes you can have pitch black area dream type places…lol)…but then it just seems like you were in a loading place, like on the matrix :razz:

I have a couple of suggestions for you. First two I’m sure you’ve heard.

  1. Spin around really fast while thinking of your destination. When you stop, you’ll be where you want to be.

  2. Rub your hands while thinking of your destination.

  3. Use something visually to trick your mind to making you be at your destination. For example, the lucid pill: Reach into your pocket and grab a pill out (yes there will be one there!). Before swallowing it, remember that the pill will teleport you to the place you want to go to. Then, take it, swallow it, and boom…welcome to wherever you want to go to.

hopefully that semi-helped… good luck :smile:

My best experiences with manifesting an environment have come by remembering an actual real-world event that I’ve experienced. For example, I might decide to remember my cousin’s wedding - and the scene will change into a big stone church, or maybe my high school graduation - and in a few seconds I’ll be standing in the auditorium. Sometimes dream memories are shaky though, so it’s best to plan it all out before going to sleep. I’ve also lost lucidity doing this :grrr: , so be careful…

What you could do is believe that there is a door behind you. You then turn around, there is a door. You imagine what its like through this door, open it, walk through. OR you could spin I suppose, that one is what LaBerge suggests I think :smile:

Its hard to remember all of this in dreams however. Hehe, I always forget to stabalize my dreams. And the one I had that lasted longer than 4 minutes, I forgot what happened in it :razz: oops, hehe.