Mathematics and lucid dreams

Hey everybody! I’d like to know if it’s possible to practice maths in lucid dreams?

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Everything is possible in dreams!
It’s a good idea, because I’m awful in Math :lol:

Me too! That’s why I thought it would be a good idea.

Hmmm… I’m not so sure how that would work. Not to throw you guys off, it’s a nice idea but if you think about the way writing and numbers work in a dream… You would do a math problem and behind your pen the numbers would dance in circles and laugh at you :eh:. Anyway in general you don’t have much time in a lucid dream and it is hard to keep your concentration, I just don’t think it works as well as studying IRL and I think there’s a whole lot better things to do in a lucid dream… :fly:

Apart from the text problem in dreams, I do think a ND or a LD can give you just the insight you need to solve a particular problem.
I think it’s worth a try!

Sev, practising maths while dreaming is really a bad excuse when sleeping at school. :smile: Would be worth writing it 100 times on the board, hehe. :smile:

I would say no just because you could add 5+5 and get 55 and also when you look away the numbers would change.

Actually, after you’ve became Lucid, IF you are really in control, you can just “organize” your memories, than order your mind to make easier to reach the memories of an specific subject (maths for example), than, even after waking up, something might “change” :wink:
(at least works for me…)

You’d have to do the math first.

Let’s see, then, add the “Is this possible in a lucid dream” constant to the probability of possibility and you get 100%. :tongue:

Yes its possible.

I did that before, it was a dream, but I practiced Alg.2 with one of my favorite characters from EUReKA! Stark, Dr. Stark that is! Not to be confused with my uncle Stark. that guy had so many books on dreaming, astral projection, you name it! Even egyptian gods! Off topic I know… it’s possible. I forgot his first name… the other Stark, not my uncle.

what if you could use the ‘dancing numbers’ as a memorization tool. Use it to your advantage, make complex math… simple. Easier said than done, but what isn’t in the dreaming world!

I don’t see why would anyone do this. You must reaaaally like math to do it. In a world where you can do ANYTHING you want, you want to do math. Hmmm…
Why can’t you just practice IRL?
Practicing in the dreamworld will only make it worse, because reading is hard, writing is even harder, and you want to solve math?

Dreaming is a different state of consciousness. There is much to discover. I have read reports of maths being more difficult. But perhaps maths should be approached in a different way in dreams. For instance, many people here assumed you’d be writing things down. This wouldn’t be interesting at all. The interesting thing would be to see if you have some sort of hidden mathematical ability that enables you to understand maths better which is only hindered by the mechanical “how to” approach to maths, which only involves memorizing steps and techniques. Forget all that practical school stuff, and focus more on how numbers relate to each other and interact. Make use of visualization. Perhaps the unconscious holds some secret knowledge. Conjure up some mathematician and tell him, just “wow me!”, and see what happens.