Mayan Mystery....Calendar, Game, Idea's

I have been studying the mayan calendar for some time now and have personally devised a system of living with it that induces a sort of perfect bodily rhythm…it goes through the universe of sense and self, body and mind…to the astral realm as its on external part. Taking from this basic calendar can be made one of infinite calenars working with the tonal aspirations as personal effects of ones life. People can work with their own work, and their own games, in addition to a system of life that induces what is known of from the inside, the outside, and the thought of being of that world of positive negative and having given “objects” or anything really to induce the glory of that reality. Like food, or a massage, something like an added bonus…electro therepy???

This is where dreaming comes into play as we are tying the dream world to reality as one, so anything done in a dream is as if done in reality!

Here is some of my findings.

Mayan Yogic System

1-21 Day System

Day one - Tail Bone
Day 2 - Sacrum
Day 3 - Heart Region of Spine
Day 4 - Throat region of spine
Day 5 - Brain

The idea is to eat, do yoga and keep your awareness centered according to the day’s reason.

Day 6 - Throat
Day 7 - Heart/Lungs
Day 8 - Stomach
Day 9 - Excretory
Day 10 - Entire Body

Now it gets into a more meditation centered, “from within the body” perspective of self

Day 11 - Self Presense
Day 12 - Other presense
Day 13 - We Presense
Day 14 - Time
Day 15 - Universal
And into the emotional body
Day 16 - Feelings
Day 17 - Taste
Day 18 - Sight
Day 19 - Smell
Day 20 - Sound
And finally into the dream world…the astral plane, or all reality as it exists in itself
Day 21 - The dream world