Maybe I'm mistaken about this whole LD thing...

From what I’ve read, lucid dreaming is simply being aware of the fact that you’re dreaming while in the dream, right? If that’s right, then I guess I’ve had an LD many times before without trying.

I can even remember the first time I was ever aware I was dreaming. I was really young around the age of 7 or 8, and I was dreaming that I was in this old Nickelodean show…forgot the name of it, but I knew it was a dreaming. I was just walked around and looked at the characters of the show doing nasty things. It lasted awhile, and I remember trying to stay in the dream when I felt I was waking up.

Nowadays, whenever I know I’m dreaming I just wake up. I’ve never been able to stay in a dream as long as that first time.

Of course, maybe I’m mistaken and it wasn’t a true LD. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.

No it sounds like a LD, though it’s perhaps not high level. Perhaps you are a more or less natural LDer :smile: In that case, you’re really blessed with this gift, because natural LDers are not so common. How many times do you have those LDs?
The next time, try a technique to stay in the dream.
Some techniques are:

  • Spin around while you keep your attention in the dream world.
  • Rub your hands and feel the friction and the rough skin.
  • Touch a dream object, feel its shape and texture.
  • Don’t stand still too long, but walk around, preferably barefoot, so you feel the sand between your toes. This way you don’t drift of to the waking world.
  • Focus your awareness on a dream object so you keep focused at the dream.

Try them out and see which one works best for you.

Good luck! :smile:

I usually have one about 2 or 3 times a week. Before I found this site, I’d usually just try to do something fun as fast as I could before waking up. Maybe now I’ll be able to remain in them longer and have more control. I sure hope so!

On a somewhat side note, the way I go to sleep is very…weird. You see, I just can’t lay still when going to sleep. I don’t know why, but I irritates me to lay still in bed, so I rock back in forth. Sometimes, with my leg bended at the knee, I’ll bring my leg up to a vertical position and then rest it back on the bed.

It really is an embarrassing way of going to sleep. I always stop if someone comes into the room at night. I hate it when people watch me do it.

Any idea why exactly it irritates you to lay still in bed? You could try to relax yourself with some breathing exercise… so perhaps this teaches you to let it all be. Don’t get attached with the irritations, but just let it be. It can’t hurt you so why be bothered about it?
I don’t know if this might help… Perhaps others know more about it.

I sometimes try to just lay still in bed, but I keep getting that nagging feeling that I need to move. The longer I stay still, the more nagging it gets. Of course I always end up becoming still when I finally fall asleep. I guess my body just gets tired from the movement and I fall asleep.

That’s really strange… There should be a way to overcome that nagging feeling. Perhaps relaxation as I mentioned but I’m not sure… If the feeling strengthens everytime, relaxation will probably have the opposite effect. But you can try it out ofcourse :smile:
Sorry I can’t help you much further with this… :sad:

I used to get the same feeling that I had to move when I tried to relax. I just kept practicing and soon I could just lie still for almost as long as I wanted without getting the feeling.

That’s how you go to sleep? Well, if you have the book EWLD, there is the 61 point relaxtion technique. If you want me to find a way to teach you the technique (all 61 points) without buying the book tell me. But EWLD is a really good book to have on LDing.

I have that problem too. I alwasy feel the need to be moving. Meditation tought me how to be still (oooh. I sound enlightened :smile: lol.) But you have to practice it. A while ago I couldnt sit sit still for longer than about ten minutes, but now I can go hours. Slowly you just build up discipline with it. Try everyday sitting down for as long as you can while being completely still, prefferably in a chair thats comfortable with your back straight. Once you sit down, dont move around to get comfortable. Just accept the position your in and sit there for as long as possible. Try to quiet your mind and think of a single object or have a mantra or count or whatever, but keep it simple and singular. Do this every day once a day for as long as you can each session. You’ll find that as the sessions go by you can sit still for longer and longer periods of time. Try it while your going to sleep too. Hope any of this helps! good luck

I had a string of LDs when I was 10… and I remember always wanting to wake up… really vivid ones too