Maybe Lucid when I was little???

When I was a little kid I would always have the weirdest dreams and i’d close my eyes and I would always end up in a place with dashing lights (maybe HI?)and I used to think they were like doors but I couldnt control where I went and i thought if I went through a dark door/color I would be in a scary dream or if i went through a light door/color it would be good. This would happen like every night…(usually scary dreams) Do you think I was like unintentially WILDing or something? They were always crazy, vivid dreams but I was only like 5-7 when I would have those. :happy: Maybe I did lucid dream but I couldnt control it and I always felt trapped like they were working against me. I would push all my will into changing them but it would repeat what was happening that moment over and over again like a broken tape until I gave up. I kinda hope they are cause I could figure out what I was doing…

If you knew you were dreaming, then it was a lucid dream. If you couldn’t control much, it was probably low lucidity. But congratulations!

your pry right :happy: … well im just wondering cause I havent had any lucid dreams yet if those werent and I thought that if I could figure out what I did then it would work.

It seemed like that LD you had was accidental. However, there are lots of different methods to try (which are all over the forum), and many suggestions and topics on how to better control your dreams. Good luck!