McDonalds collects children's dreams to fabricate toys

I heard this today in my psychology lecture.

Apparently McDonald’s collects dreams of young children. Then, they identify common dreamthemes/characters/whatever, and use that partly to model their toys after :eek:

the thought behind this, is that a child will recognize a toy from their dreams (even if they don’t realize it, but it will look familiar) and will want to have it. And their parent’s won’t be able to resist :tongue:

just thought this would be an interesting “fun fact”

Another dirty trick by companies to take our money.

what a dirty trick! :bored:

And does it work?

That’s low! Using children to take money! :eek: Mcdonalds must be really desperate…

The thing is though that soooo many toys are themes after movies, TV shows, games, and other toys that it won’t have as large as an impact. Now, if they were more free as to what to make, instead of having the burden of a theme, it might be more effective.

Altough I have no clue what I’m talking about.

I wrote an essay about impulse buying, and one of the causes was psychological tricks.

And although my paper was thorough, I got 33% on it because my prewriting wasn’t specific enough. :eh:

I have no clue if it works, probably. And maybe my professor was talking about the toys they are developing now, which aren’t yet available yet.

having said that, mcDonald’s has always targeted children (with the clown, children’s menu and all that), as a marketing strategy. And that seems to be working very well (children happy eating will become happy adults who take their children too, and so on). It’s very sneaky but what do you do about it.

Now they don’t even advertise the cheeseburgers on the kids menu. So, adults see healthy chicken nuggets (Which are actually worse than the burgers) healthy apple slices (Which could be gotten cheaper at Wal-Mart) and healthy milk and get it for their kids.

Because everyone must be healthy these days.

Yeah I heard about the chicken nuggets-“the good news is, chicken mcnuggets actually have chicken in them. The bad-Its not nearly close to being the main ingredient. At 1.7% chicken is near the bottom of the list of ingredients.”

I read somewhere (the bathroom reader on my lap) that chiken mcnuggets have 38 ingrediats, mostly chemicals and corn stuff, but 0.02 of a nugget is made up of tertiary butylhydroquinone, which is used as a preservative, but for those who don’t know their chemicals (like me) its also known as butane, or lighter fluid. So every 50 nuggets you eat, you are eating a whole chicken nugget of lighter fluid.

Also has anyone ever seen the documentery supersize me, it is about a man who eats only mcdonalds for 30 days to see what it will do to his body, he gains like 40 pounds. gets sick, dizzy and disoriented for the last 10, and has really high cholestoral and blood pressure. It really is disgusting.

I did see the movie. While I avoid fast food to the best of my ability (Which is rather well might I say) I think he really went overboard to prove his point. It was disgusting, but just not worth it. To ruin his body like that is just… terrible.

I heard of “Supersize Me” years ago, but never really knew what it was about till just now. That’s nasty.
I love fast food, but I’m aware that it contains some nasty crap and I try not to eat it often. I’m young and have an insanely high metabolism, even though I don’t exercise or play sports I seem to burn off everything…but still, I limit my fast food consumption to about twice a month, sometime a little more.

That’s crazy tho, that they’re using dreams to design toys…pretty underhanded, but smart. I don’t know how much success it’ll bring them tho, cuz like people above me said, they base their toys off of movies and games.

I don’t understand…
How could they “collect” kids dreams?

i gotta say thats pretty cool

That sounds like science-fiction to me. How on earth could the dreams of children be collected?

easy you just ask them right or have them write it down if there old enough :eh:

This is so random, but so funny, yet kinda creepy, but kinda interesting, yet quetionable, however fascinating.

(WHAT DID I JUST SAY!??!?!?) :confused: