meaning of numbers in dreams

what do you guys think of the significance of certain numbers in dreams? for instance, last night I had a lucid dream and I was walking down a neighborhood street and looked at an address, and it was 133 (I don’t know the street name). also in the dream I was trying to think of the date, and came up with July 14 (I was debating between June and July, but 14 I was sure about)… (of course it’s also strange that although I was lucid, I was so certain it was summer in waking life)

another time just after becoming lucid a guy asked me to say a number, and without thinking I said “46” (or maybe 64).

all the numbers I just mentioned, I can’t think of what they mean to me personally. I hold no significance to any of those numbers. those aren’t part of any friends/relatives birthdays, nor the year anyone was born, etc.

what do you guys think? are these just random numbers or could they mean something? maybe there are some numerologists on this board?