MEdicine for Lucid dreams

Last time i read in an german Book about LD, about a medicine that is for lost weight, but ca 80% of the students who tested it got many LD´s. So has anybody heard or tryed of “Larus argentatus”. 'After i read from it i wanted to share it, with you. What I read about is that its the feather of a silberbird (dont know the english word). Its an homoeopathic one. If you understand german well here is the link: (under “Aktuelles”, the book is called “Das Wunder der Klarträume”, the book is for free-download so i hope the link wont be removed)

Is the drug safe?

Cuz I don’t want to loose weight. Football season would be over.

I read sth in that book that may interest you, I´ll translate:
Take it a few weeks at first in the potetency, Q6 every evening 3Drip, later inn Q7 und and atleast in Q9. Take every Potency 10- 14 days before you change to the next higher. (Take it before a meal to blockade your hunger)If you are very Slender (you not have much weight^^), you need NOT to have fear, too loose more weight. If you use Larus argentatus just on the evening, after you ate the meals of the day normally, is there no danger to loose more weight.
Hope that i helped you

whyd id you have my pinch my nose ? i sneezed!

there is an herb used to learn lessons in sleep and overcome issues,
it is called something like sacho aja
but i can’t find that in google, so that’s not what its called ? does anyone recall or know?

[off topic]would it be Calea dream herb? [Has anyone tried Calea zacatechichi ?I heard it helps w/LDs) [/off topic]

Larus argentatus is the latin name for a herring gull

Placebo Affect on all of this maybe?

but i’d love to try this if i could get ahold of some.

Seems unlikely that it would be a placebo effect if they were testing for weight loss…

Funny story, there was a study that showed more expensive placebos had a greater effect.

sounds about right.

somebody should try this out.