meditating and expiriences

Do any of you meditate daily with good results because i love the idea its just i dont really know what have to expect… :eh: but i have done it on occacions and some have been quite good.
when someone sais “Transcendental expirience” what does this mean?
have you ever had it regularly?
Have any of you seen any results coming from meditation

PLz Post MEthods of the way YOU meditate :user:

what i do is not meditation in the classical sense of the word, but i would say that i experience something “transcendental”

i don’t know how to describe it other than clarity, abscence of conflict, just clarity.

anyway, my particular method of “meditation” is sexual energy cultivation (aka sexual kung fu, as the author of the book i have calls it) it’s REALLY intense, i prefer it to sitting on a cushion and concentrating on my breathing, but to each his own

if you’re interested check out “the multi-orgasmic man” by mantak chia

hi skywalker look at … highlight=

Hey thanks a lot ! :wink: That site is great and im suprised i didnt find it before! :eh: