meditating for lucidity

its said that meditation is good for lucidity. is there a certain kind of meditation best for lucid dreaming. what is good to visualize during a meditation for lucidity?

meditation builds energy and mental skill essential to anything to do with consciousness including lucid dreaming

when i use to meditate, i found that it made lucid dreams come much much easier. I didn’t even do it very often.

meditation helps with concentration and relaxation. So i guess it helps.

Ive been doing chakra meditation sometimes i can feel tingling under the skin. Some people may not feel anything while doing chakra meditation for a long time though your still making your chakras stronger.

hmm… well ive done chakra energy raising twice today and apart from enjoying it i feel like im stronger energy wise.

Any type of meditation is helpful. The question you need to ask is what kind of meditation do you like? Do you have any experience with meditation?

"I have had a great many reports of vivid dreams and heightened lucid dream activity (L.D.) from people doing the energy/chakra training exercises. This is happening far too frequently for it to be coincidence.

The energy/chakra work increases the level of energy flowing into the energy body and heightens awareness and memory of the dream and OOBE state. It is a shame to waste all this energy on uncontrolled dreams, so I suggest L.D. be used as a secondary goal. This will give you OOBE experience earlier, in the form of L.D., and help keep your interest high until you learn how to do the conscious exit. "

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Its a really good free online book to read aswell :wink:

i meditate by inhaling through my nostrils and exhaling through my mouth while my eyes are focused on the spot above and between my eyes (third eye so to speak). im not sure if i should meditate on it specifically or just relax and not think of it at all. i have another thing i do where i visualize a room and check the clocks and text in my daydream. try keeping a digital clock stable in a daydream maybe it’ll help your ld’s stay stable.

for more info on meditation, theres a topic already started in beyond dreaming

but to be specific, meditation to actually produce LDs I figure would take many years of dedication in average circumstances

No you don’t have to be a dream yogi for meditation to have a positive impact on your LD skills. I think if anyone spends just 15-20 minutes 2 times per day in meditation or self hypnosis along with doing their lucid dreaming induction technique they will progress much faster than just doing induction techniques alone.

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