Meditation and Other High Vibration Practices

If I don’t take my l-theanine for my mood-relief then I do not get it so easy as many others. L-theanine is a supplement in tea and I also have green tea. The tea supplement and the tea help me to better my dreaming experiences, but also they improve my daily mood to the point where this is even possible. Otherwise I was having nightmares every night as it seemed for quite some time before starting this daily regimen and doing some other things to promote a positive mood.

My buddy lately taught me of alchemy, improving yourself, bettering yourself for the greater good and becoming some sort of the best of what you can be. That opened up my mind when I heard about this because there are so many smart people following this path and writing books and such about this. Plus so many wonderful teachings. So I had to open up my mind in order to realize something more special than what I was thinking, depressed thoughts and what I thought I could not control so easily until I heard of this idea and it put my stress a bit more at ease. Gave me an idea about how to get past these feelings, and the constant nightmares.

Lately I’ve seen my dreaming improve and I’ve not had dreams about murders or anything too horrendous in the past few weeks, I owe it to my technique. To up mood during the day in order to get better sleep at night, with little to no nightmares. I feel I accomplished this now, though there are some other things I’ve been doing to improve.

First of all I think this process is all about getting negativity separate from the person who you are. Releasing the stress, increasing positive vibration. So I’ve been meditating daily since I had a run in with the police over my schizophrenia, which wasn’t necessarily good but if you look at the bright side, you’ll see that there was someone who confronted me there and opened my mind about wanting to try out meditation. Not for the first time but this time I’m taking it seriously. That helps to clear my mind and bring me closer to that positive side.

I’ll meditate to reggae music or something more positive than the regular old depressing and hardcore music I’ll listen to. This helps I feel to rid of negativity and cleanse with good energy. To force this thought into my mind. The meditation and the happy feelings you’ll get form the music during this meditation will make you feel good, not only good from the meditation, yet good because the vibes from the Bob Marley & The Wailers tracks. This helps a good deal with increasing my positivity. I guess another way is to use mantras. Peace on the in, on the out, love.

I’ve gone through some changes lately with this whole process I’m using to improve myself with in a positive manner. Just wanted to share in order to show whoever else would like to get into something similar. Peace out. Peace and love.

remember that unpleasant {negative} emotions, such as sadness, fear, frustration, or anger have purposes and importance, too. For example, growing up I was taught that my anger was wrong because it was equated with aggression. This led me to bottle up my feelings, not realizing how upset I was due to people crashing my boundaries and causing me harm. Once I learned healthier responses to my anger and self-protection, it subsided. The staying positive method isn’t for everyone, but im happy this worked out for you and resolved your nightmares ^^

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Thank you, It’s my pleasure to share to you. Thanks for your own input on this post too. :heart::peace_symbol:

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I remember once I had a vivid dream where I stabbed my abusive father. And then tried to revive him and realized what I did and screamed so loud. Then woke up.

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Dreams are portals to seeing how you are doing in your daily living. With your mood, thoughts, how much a disaster-case you are. Or how much otherwise of a mood relieving beast you are, either way you can see the potential in you to do good or evil through your dreams, as well as learn much more through yourself about who you are deep down.

I feel dreams tell us a whole lot about ourselves and our conscience reflects through them. We may see things that we may feel we would do in certain situations in certain moods, or while acting in certain ways. Things can either turn out for the wrong or better and you can sort of see in a spiritual sense, my own words, how you will be going to the afterlife if you are to die at that particular point in time while dreaming this dream of yours.

I’m a schizophrenic so don’t just believe everything I say, I hear voices, see things in my dreams that you may not such as lucid dreams regularly and sleep paralysis, which used to be on a lot more common basis. I am a very vivid sightseer from my own point of view. But what I believe is that you are seeing into your soul. That other place is another realm out there, somewhere.


Im diagnosed schizzoaffective so I have similar weird experiences! spiritual warfare/demonic oppression and telepathic communication with exes and I lost my twin flame he committed suicide. but also i am undiagnosed autistic! and i believe these conditions are great gifts!! :slight_smile:


Hey Rebecca that’s cool, i’m on the spectrum as well! {also undiagnosed}. that doctor was like, not listening to mom and I at all but I be definitely autistic. just really good at masking which i probably shouldn’t have done during a test built specifically to detect it XD. Oh and also apparently i cant be “because autistic people aren’t creative” like…? uh nope that is not how it works lol, there are tons of people on the spectrum who are super creative

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