Meditation... how and why

hey, i was thining of starting to learn meditaion, but first i wanted to know how, maybe some of you have some links that could teach me? and also what it does… will it mentaly bring me closer with myself and i will know myself more and be able to DL easyer or soemthing? sorry if my questions seem absured, but im just trying to find out the facts :dozing: also i hear you can go into astral projections form it? :partying_face:

haha, aw come on you guys, no on eis helping me out, jeff i hear you are into the meditation stuff, im looking at you :confused:
Dr. Charles Tart is a great author on the subject, I’m looking to get a few of his books sometime. Also check out his recommended readings.

Thx pilot, i guess it couldnt be any simpler reading that book…

Hi Lucian :wink:

First i want to know what is your goal with meditation?
That is really an important one because you have many sorts with many goals…
Some are for opening chakras…others for self knowledge…
Some for martial arts…etc
If you look for a meditation method to have more lucid dreams i can say from my own personal experience Zen meditation is the best.

I’ll see your answer first to tell you more ok?

Greetz, Jeff :wink:

:happy: I ment Lucian choose a goal first…what is your aim?

With zen meditation you pick selfcontrol, and in the long term so not after a few weeks, more lds.
Remember it also depends on your talent to meditate!
Some ppl here think if you learn a tech thats all to it…but never forget a big part is your born talent for it…same for lucid dreams.
For astral projections you have to go through a sleep paralyses stage.
Thats between waking and sleeping and close to rem. Or from rem stage it self. If u want to do that you choose the most difficult meditation of all and thats dream yoga (tibet and india style)


well, my goal would probably be for selfcontrol, im not rly sure how to put it :bored:… i would like it to help my LDs exept thats not neccesary… oh and when you were talking about the astral projection thingy, i saw this one link on a thread and it showed how to get an OBE form doing so :confused:taring at an object for quite a while until you fall asleep but your mind stays open. kinda sounds like MILD technique but there was more too it, you musta heard of it before… so yeah im guessing that zen meditation would most likely be the best for me…

:smile: Yes I agree Lucian, Zen meditation would be the best then!

It gives self control, less tress in your live and in time more lds.
That last thing i really noticed myself as many others i spoke about practising zen.

You have a special sit in zen but you must be flexible for it lol…
If your not that flexible you can also sit on a chair and practise it.
My advise for now is go to google (search engine) and typ zen meditation
or practising zen meditation and read a bit about it.
The essense of zen is holding your neck back spine in one line. your eyes half closed. hands lay in eachother at your lap.right hand under left hand above and thumbs touching eachother. And sit in front of an empty wall (no poster or so lol or painting)
and just try to do mentally nothing. Just try to be. If you have thoughts dont glue to them…just let them be. If you are routined with this you just be empty and relaxt for a while :smile: as a beginner.
But read also at the net or from a book to learn a bit what its all about! :wink:


aw thanx Jeff… so you say i ned to be flexible huh? meh, nothing a bit of streching cant take care of, do you know any really good sites for the art of zen? ???

i’m interested a bit of this zen thing myself too. sounds a great thing to do. i’m just going to read more 'bout it… and i’m interested of opening chakras by meditating too. would be cool.

but btw, if your eyes are only half closed, dont you need to blink all the time? heh…

haha, very good question claudia… and also, what about swallowing your saliva? or should oyu start to not be salivating while you do it?, oh, and also Jeff, im learning Zen right? not zazen? mind telling me the lill bit of diff? :smile:

some zen techniques

Lol Lucian i ment ZaZen :smile:
That works the best sitting in zazen :smile:
Its not the theory but the practising in zazen that counts.

Practising zazen works best for self control and more lucid dreams…
This is a funny site


I am also searching for a technique that fits me.
I already tried some meditation, but not over a longer period of time, and I did never stick to a technique but just tryed everything I read somewhere which sounded interesting.
Visualisation exercises I found the “easiest”, or to be more accurate, the the only one´s that had a direct effect on me (I feel a something warm, heavy ,strange when I imagine energy slowly going through my body).

I think I just got interested since there are so many people talking about meditation out there.How it makes you calm, works against stress, makes you wiser, helps you concentrate, can give you drug-like feelings, you can feel one with the universe…
I am sure you know that talking.The thing that interests me the most is the “trippy” part of it.
However, I´d also like to have something that I can use to overcome fear (e.g if I am in a lucid nightmare and start to panic, or on a bad trip)

There is simply so much written about “meditation” that I don´t know which technique has which effects
Can I find a good summary somewhere, or do I have through each technique for my own?


In which way does Zen improve your LD ability?Simply by doing it, or since it helps you to be more disciplined with your RCs or something?

hi everyone,
meditation is something that i can recommend everybody. i started to become interested in it when i started with LD one year ago. the first meditation technique i discovered was vipassana meditation. visit and read the free ebook you can download there. it’s one of the best introductions to meditation i think.
many other meditation techniques can be found on this site is basically a site about buddhism but buddhism has a lot to do with meditation.
meditation can be used to relax and to improve concentration and mindfulness. these are the reasons that should motivate you to meditate. if you practise a while you will find some other things happen while meditation. for example, half a year ago it occured to me while meditating in a lying posture on my bed that everything got filled with bright white light. i felt one with everything, some tears of joy started to run 'cross my face. i can’t discribe this intense feeling. from there on almost every time i am meditating i get this feeling of joy. if you want, you can call this the “trippy” part but i wouldn’t call it this way by myself.
however, i think everybody who is interested in meditation should do a lot of research, and then build his/her own technique. one thing to avoid is to change the technique all the time because you think “this does not seem to work for me” etc.
if you found your technique you may want to take further research in yoga. these exercises help a lot in reaching silence of mind.

well, this post got longer than i thought… i hope it was at least a bit interesting.

Hello Ai, i agree with you to find your own way with meditation and experiment a bit also. Yoga has made an art of meditation like za zen (sit and do nothing :smile: )
You can also use yoga meditation to enter dream stage from waking fully lucid.
I really find za zen giving me more lds then usual.

Btw you have a beautiful Avatar AI
AI = artificial inteligence (joke) :happy:


:smile: Hi Traumganger, lol, sorry for answering your post a bit late!
Was this week many hours on skates outside just go for the joy of life :wink:

Well Traumganger, there is a brain part below your cortex (cortex = the brain part were you take all your conscious choices)called the thalamus. The thalamus links your dream part and deep sleep part of brain to your conscious part of brain the cortex and frontal lobe.
Ever read a good book and then suddenly didnt hear the clock ticking?
Well that is because when your attention goes to one thing strongly your thalamus shut down incoming signals from outside. So you dont hear the clock for instance.
Well…everybody who does practise meditation develops his thalamus by choice of your consciousness. So you learn how to shut of signals and focus at one thing…attention focussed at one thing.
the thalamus is the brain part that connects your conscious self with your memory while you dream…and there for can make you lucid in a dream.
Someone who meditates develops much more recognision between the consciousness (because of the more developed thalamus) and subconsciousness and there for will have more lucid dreams.

The thalamus plays also a basic part in hypnosis, trance and Yoga.


I started doing a Tibetan meditation technique called zhine, or calm abiding. This is where you meditate with your eyes open, concentrating on an object in front of you. Then once you are focused on it you switch concentration to the whole of your space. It’s working well for me.

i heard you can go to astral projection from that, you start at it for long, then your eyes eventually close but you can stil see it in your mind then you eventualy turn over with your mental body, ii saw it in some sight, totaly forget wich one though

Thanks for the your answers AI and Jeff.
I think I will try to spend some time on this

Would you advise me to follow a certain technique (like Zen for example), or should I just try to find out on my own instead?