Meditation in lucid dreams

I watched a video that suggested meditating in lucid dreams, that it would be way more amazing than meditating in real life; that I could actually touch the ball of light I feel in my hands when I meditate in waking life

Have any of you tried this? Does it make the dream collapse and you wake up? Or the opposite, does it stabilize the dream? When I could do more fun things like flying or eating treats or sitting in a swimming pool? Ideas for making LDs longer?

That’s an interesting one. I’m also really interested in trying this, so anybody with experience, please share.

Personally I am not quite sure how to approach it. I’m also not a master meditator in waking life, to be honest.

I only know not to close my eyes in dream meditation. Normally I try to shift my focus inward but inside a dream I’m already inside my own mind, so I am not quite sure what to do :sweat_smile:

I figured I would keep my eyes open if I meditate in a dream