Meditation inside a dream

Hello everyone,

I want to create a topic to share experiences of meditation inside a dream.
I once got a full 8 hour lucid sleep where o stayed conscious during the whole night.
I meditated and the dream world’s dissolved and build again over and over. I t felt like eternity and the whole dream was a kind of vortex of unlimited images.

So far so good…I could not reproduce the experience…as I now tend to wake up when I star LD because of the interruption of rem by focusing on a point …

What are you experiences?



i’ve remembered a few times to try to meditate when lucid, which is a good first level to reach.

when it comes to actually practicing i’ve had trouble though. once my awareness/dream body started to float upwards, i wasn’t lucid enough to realize that i didn’t need to be sitting on the ground to meditate, and i got distracted trying to hold onto a fallen tree.

another time—the first time i believe—i was too impatient, and instead of sticking with it, felt i must be doing it ‘wrong’ because it felt so much like waking life. i’d read all sorts of spectacular descriptions of lucid dream meditation. i got up and flew off somewhere.

another time i got a couple of DCs to sit down to practice with me, but i closed my eyes after i sat down, and woke up.

i plan to keep this as one of my main goals. excited to see this topic here, thank you!