Meditation (not medication)

I read a fabulous book about meditation! Well it might not be fabulous but i enjoyed it very much!
The author stands for a kind of meditation where you’re supposed to be conscious of all your thoughts.
I think the final goal is to always be aware of your thoughts and feelings… (lucid living)
Anyone practice this?

Well this thread should somehow be in the “Quests for Lucidity” because it’s related with LD more to WILD.
This should be an interesting technique to use daily and it could probably help you WILD and attain(spl?) Absolute Lucidity!
slp - please correct me

In your signature, you spelled beautiful wrong. I couldn’t find any other errors except that ‘i’ was not capitalized. Your English is very good.

Back to meditation… I actually just started reading a book about meditation last weekend. I think the kind you’re talking about is mindfulness meditation or vipissana. I plan on starting to practice this, in fact I am seriously considering becoming Buddhist right now. I don’t know how well that will go over with my Christian brain-washed family [size=75](I’m not saying that all Christians are brain-washed)[/size], but there’s only one way to find out.

Oh and yes, I do believe that it would bring absolute lucidity in your dreams, as well as an unparalleled awareness in real life. It would take a ton of work though.


I’ve been extremely fascinated in learning more.

Any other good books/websites you’d recommend? Would this be good for a person just jumping into this?

there is a lucid living topic which is upto part 3 [Lucid Living Topic - part II)
I believe “The Power of Now” mentioned this living in the now too.

I once went to a conference on meditation. I liked the speakers very much and I specially liked what they said! They said the best meditation was the meditation of the Inner Sound and Light. Don’t they all say that?!
fflarex - thx for the complement on my english! now i can brag to everyone! :happy:
did you ever practice any form of meditation? what was your “level of success”?
I find it pretty hard to do that meditation i read in the book!
I don’t know if I’m commiting any “crime” but here it goes: - Inner Light Meditation(?) - Inner Light and Sound Meditation
The book:
“Meditação: O caminho da paz” Celso Loureiro in english should be
“Meditation: The path of peace” by Celso Loureiro just search meditation books written by Celso Loureiro. Fnac should have it.

BTW: i don’t find it very wise to commit to a religion, and assume it! if you do you’ll probably find yourself forced to do stuff that you don’t agree with or don’t yet understand. you can practice budhism in your own way and continue growing as you go. and besides if your ever having a intelectual conversation with a girl you can always say “I practice budhism in my own way!” or “I have my own religion!”! :content: hehe
but it’s always cool to start shaking everyone’s peacefull world at home with budhist theories!

I try to “witness” my self and my thoughts and surroundings as much as I’m able to (its hard to keep up very long periods!). Together with this, when I’m aware of the random thoughts I have by witnessing, I try to set myself back into the “now”. There are several kinds of methods and authors going about these LL techniques and my idea is that they could certainly help you become more ware, not only during daily life but also in your dreams.