i want to start meditating and i have read up about it on all different web sites and heres what they say

do a relaxation exercise to release tensness(made up that word) sit or lie down and imagine you are climbing down a ladder in the dark, dont let any thoughts interrupt and do not imagine a ladder. breath in and out and just imagine you are stepping down the ladder on the exhale and stopping on the inhale. try to get that falling sensation and keep uour mind clear.

i do all of this for a long time and im not sure if anything happens

when you meditate is there anything that lets you know you are in a trance please get back to me with comments cause im deeply confused

hey, when i meditate, ( i am studying a book “meditations from the tantras” and they are all methods for inducing samehdi. I have started doing the first part of the whole Ajapa Japa.
Its all about concentrating on your breathing and when breathing in im thinking So- and when breathing out -Ham. What usually happens is that i do this for about 2-3 minutes and then something happens. It feels as though the surroundings of me have gotten bigger and the expierience is not like when i first start meditating. But you must remember that you never have the same expierience than the previouse one.

I dont really know what a trance is like but i think this is something like it

for me i enter a black void, everything is clear and i feel my self shrink and this blackness takes over and grows and grows and grows. It becomes so big and i so smalll that i can bearly find my self in all the blackness, it is sooo pleaceful. That is what happens to me but everyone might be diffrent


That’s what been happening to me! So I am not crazy. I am been using a meditaion technique and didn’t even realize it.

i dont belive that lol

you are med yep and doing it well as well. off that state i would say that wild would be very very easy for you to do. i have a lot of trouble getting to that state so i am now very jelious :grrr:

good work


I’ve been panning on learning how to meditate. Any recomendations.

The basic to med is simple. let go of everything and let your mind wander in a blanket of nothing. how some people reach this stage differs, like mine above ( i hope) there are a lot of books i have read and most say the same thing. Let go.

This doesnt help a newb mind you but it is the right idea.

Dreamwalker there are many types of med. but the one i use ( i dont know the name of it ) i close my mind to the noises and stuff around me and open it to myself !

that is hard to understand i know and maybe some one with a little more exp than me can help but hey


“The basic med is simple”

There is no “basic meditation”. Theres so many types of meditation that you can’t possibly say what is the “basic” one. I could say that pure concentration is the “basic meditation” but then someone would say that it isn’t.

Theres mindfulness, no-mindness, concentration, breathing, “just sitting” etc. You can’t possibly say what is the “basic meditation”.

I can and i did and i will continue saying that thank you.

“the basic med” well as far as i know through all the books i have read and all the stuff on the net the basic goal of med is to clear your mind.

This is the starting point for the rest. How you reach that state is up to you

and incase you missed it

take a look at the last part too, everyone is diffrent.

Like i said there are many ways of reaching that stage. Many people have diffrent ways but the goal for most is roughly the same, quite the mind. This is what i have read and so i will say it. If you have proff bar your word that i am wrong than please by all means show it, link it site a book i dont care but dont tell me what i cn or cant do without a good reason and proff.

Well I have always do something you could consider meditation I guess. I close my eyes and totally clear my mind of everything. Such as sounds, thoughts, everything. It’s just sorta nothing, blankness, a black void. I don’t really know how long I stay in this. Some short, some long. I think I’ll stick with this because it helps me. I can be angry and do this then I’ll feel good.

I got shown a mediation method by a teacher in college that has worked each time for me,

It has also worked for many of my friends so maybe it might help someone on here;

Sit in a position you are comfortable with I have found sitting on the floor works but keep your back up straight. Close your eyes while resting your hands on our knees and begin to concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes trying to slow your breathing down (try breathing in and out every 5 seconds and longer if you can), also concentrating on the pathway your air would follow in your body helps you relax (you know this has worked when you follow the air and push it to your fingers and they begin to tingle). When you feel relax you can begin to meditate, what I have always done is imagined a bright white light floating above your head the aim is to try and manipulate this light around you. First pushing it through your body from the top of your head and down into the ground trying to push it far into the core of the earth… the light should feel warm. Then bring the light back up and as it gets to your feet start to wrap it around your body bringing it up to your head slowly and then down your arms. The light can change colour as it wraps around your body!

Then you can move on to mediate…

I hope this helps anyone if you can understand it as I’m not very good at explaining…

If anyone tries this it would be nice to have some feedback if it worked or not



I think meditaion as a method for LD can be a very broad subject. Any meditaion you can use to clear your mind of thoughts and worries will work. Practice it often until you get good at it and you can completely empty your head, then I guess it would be a good idea to start trying to LD. I have no information about LDing through meditaition, so if anyone can point me to a good site/book I would be grateful.

One I have used before is this:

Concentrate on slowing down your breathing for a couple of minutes. This is often an important part of meditating. Then say to yourself and imagine that you are putting all your worries and problems in a bag and putting them outside the room so that they do nit bother you. After you have done this, concentrate on the breathing again. With each out breath, imagine thick black smoke pouring through your mouth. this symbolises all of your bad thoughts and ill intentions. With the in breaths imagine you breath in bright white light, which fills your body as if you were hollow, like a jug. This good light pushes all the black smoke out of your body until you are completely filled with brilliant white light; just imagine your body falling through the endless black void like people have described above. This always gives me the feeling at the end like TimeLess_Soul described, but when you open your eyes you feel really big and everything around you seems so insignificant compared to the huge black void. It feels so nice…

I just relaxe, breathe in very deeply, deeply as possible, and breathe out afther holding my breath for a very short while, this relaxes my mind.
This might sound stupid but it works:
Let your under teeth (ok my english IS bad) touch your upper teeth VERY slightly in about 33 times, this also helps calming the mind, maybe not for everyone but it helps for me :smile:

Also you can find allot of books regarding medition free to download at Hope it helps you.


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Im sure im not the only one that gets this.

I sit to meditate, and all is going well.
All of a sudden POP! a little point somehwere on my body, probably my face… just starts itching… Im like woah, no prob, just ignore it, back to meditation. POP another one, now they are both twice as intense, POP, POP, POP, POP… Soon my face is covered by points of INTENSE Itchiness and I am no longer meditating because it takes sooo much effort to ignore it. I try to manipulate it but it just gets worse and worse and worse, then i give up and scratch it and the purpose is defeated.
Same thing when i am relaxing for sleep.

Help would be appreciated. :grin:

LOL! What a well written Crowe! It’s really funny. :smile: Anyways, I do understand how you feel… try to ingore it is my best suggestion. Also the more you practice being in deeper trance, the less the itches will annoy you. The itches are like a sign that you’re falling into a deeper trance and the more you’re used being in deeper trance consciously… the less the itches will annoy you.

Practicing make perfect. Being in deeper trance consciously isn’t an easy thing to do and it can be difficult to overcome, but once you get there… it’s easy to get there again.

I surely hope that I’m making sense here. Please ask me questions if needed. Feel free to do that… I won’t bite ya. :smile: Oh yes, there are other people I know that can answer to you in case if I’m not here to reply. :grin:

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

Just what DM7 said, don’t bother about it. It’s indeed a sign of going “deeper” - however also don’t bother about going deeper and let it happen as it happens, with full acceptance. My idea is this itchines is parts of your body that were stressed and now start to “destress”, to let go of the stress by the relaxation. Like ice becoming water. Life is much more joyful when you’re like water, easily flowing through life and ready for anything that comes around, than when you’re an iceblock resisting and thus suffering. So it’s basically a good sign, all that goddamn itchyness :smile: .

Thanks for the heads up.

Good stuff!! :grin:


i know waht you mean about the itchs. i ahted them but i found out one time when i was med on my 3ed eye that i could move these points. they moved across my forhead like they were water on oil and then they moved over my 3ed eye. well that was very very intense. i had a beam of engery shoot out from my 3ed eye with enough force to push my head further back in the pillow. i moved the tingles away and it dissapated then backa gaian and another beam. great stuff though.

try moving them. once u realise they are in ur head it becomes a lot eaiser :smile:



How do you clear your mind. I can never get it. I always have a thought or sound or something in my head.

Wow, I like this thread. Ok the itches, on the face, those are reffered to often in meditation and OOBE books as well. I like the name Cobwebs to describe them because it is kind of like you are covered in spider webs. It is also interesting that you get them on specifically your face because I get them on my arms mostly. I guess it depends on the person. They aren’t anything to worry about and should get better in time from what I have read. If they are getting too hard to stand, just scratch em a bit and break the trance you have going, that usually fixes it for me. I know that the less time you spend “exploring” the more they itch or the more “vibrations” you will get when you do anything (for lack of a better word) Spiritual. Meditation, Dreams, and OOBEs are all things that are included. So basically, even just relaxing deeply can cause these things to happen.

To address the questions about how to meditate. Everyone will have there own way of doing it, specifically when you get down to clearing your mind. Its something that we must explore on our own. The main thing is DONT GIVE UP. I know I did at first and now I regret it because I missed a year of practice, who knows where I would be now If i haden’t given up. I suggest reading up on it as much as you can, and taking eveything you read or hear as suggestions, its all about self exploration, realising what you have in your own mind, how your consciencness works itself. Nobody can really tell you these things. So, sit back, relax and let it all go!!!