Meet Mirror Maiden ;)

Kid lucid is a comic that appears in the Lucid Dream Exchange. In the current issue Kid lucid meets the Lustrous League of Lucid Heros. He also meets Mirror Maiden.

The creator of Kid Lucid has kindly given me permission to post the comic on LD4all.

Check out Kid Lucid’s website too, it’s the only comic that is based around lucid dreaming. You will also find all episodes there.

Sweet! LD4all is both a pun and in a comic. :razz: And Qu, too! Pretty awesome. Hopefully people get the portal pun and follow Mirror Maiden.

Thats awesome comics :biggrin:

Wow that’s totally awesome :tongue:
Gratulations, Q

Ooooo, very nice.


/me returns to vacation.

That’s Awesome!!! :wiske: :content:

Didn’t know about this comics!!!
I was absent for a looonnnng time too… but I’m back ^^!

Haha Q hope he got your spunky nature down!
It was great meeting you finally! Hope all is well in Holland