Meet your subconscious where it is

When I get into a lucid dream it doesnt mean my fears go away - actually they are more intense because it is my subconscious. So friday night I had a lucid dream, I was flying in a field high above cliffs and plateaus etc and I was terrified I would fall and wake up.

I can’t always control the dream, when I work with my subconscious I know it will be what it is before I can learn about it and change it. Also in other times I found that in dreams I have less inhibition than in waking life.

What do you guys think of my theries?

I personally do not believe the subconscious is something you can meet or work with/against. It’s simply unconscious processes working in the background. We tend to anthropomorphize it and attribute some kind of goal or motivation to it. Your own expectations, positive or negative, are what feed your dreams.

As far as having less inhibition, that’s fairly common. There’s a theory that dreams partially exist to prepare you for real life situations. It’s like your mind is running a simulation of what might happen if you really did chew out that one customer at work, or if you suddenly were face to face with your biggest fear.