Meeting a crush/flirt in dreams...

Recently, I have had a handful of dreams, in which I was getting along quite well with this girl that I’m attracted to. I was wondering, is this simply because she’s been on my mind a lot lately, or are there other messages that it could convey? Like, in the first dream I had, I went over to her house, but last night I had a dream that she was at my house. And I always seem to be doing random stuff with her. A few nights ago, we were rock climbing, but last night in my dream we were just sitting at my computer. Any thoughts?

This depends on how you meet the girl in real life and so on. I think you might enjoy these dreams but you might want to do more RCs when she’s around which could help! Take advantage of her! :grin: (indirectly of course)

Or you could take it as a sign to try ask her out. Up to you.

yes…stop wasting the time on rocklimbing and get to the point:)
Its just normal thing that you dream about objects of your fascinations.I wouldnt count on some astral soul match thing precognition if thats what u asking:)
Btw…make a reality check whenever u see her.Say it out loud “when i see Mary next time i will know im dreaming”…or similar.Let your mind know.
Reoccuring things are great for reality checks:)
good luck:)

I wouldn’t take this as a sign that things would necessarily work out… however, it may be a sign that you should at least try… you’ll never know until you do!

I think it is because it is really stuck in your mind.

GO FOR IT… what’s the worst that could happen? U’ll still have her in ur dream :content:

I agree with Goliath here! :wink:

Go talk to her in your dreams, ask her questions you wouldnt maybe in normal life and see what she comes up with, enjoy and let yourself be surprised :smile:


Why not try asking her out and see what she says while you’re LD. I know it probably won’t portray what will happen in real life, but it might be helpful to try different ways of doing it and seeing how she reacts.