Meeting my Spirit Guide in Dreaming

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Thought this might help clarify things regarding my experience with my spirit guide.

Four years ago I was teaching a class in lucid dreaming and one of my students mentioned that she had a spirit guide who came to her in dreaming when she was lucid. She said it was the Virgin Mary. She said that if I asked, Mary would come to me as well.

That night my intent for lucidity was to call for Mary. In my dream that night I was exploring an underground cavern in a non lucid dreamstate. The further I went into the cave the lighter it became. I finally entered the chamber from which the light emanated. Standing in the middle of the room was a tall, oriental woman in a white robe. There was an aura of light surrounding Her. I became lucid just by being near Her. I recognized Her as the Chinese Goddess, Quan Yin. She began speaking to me in Chinese and I bowed my head and said that I couldn’t understand what She was saying. She immediately began speaking in English. The first thing She said to me was “I’m surprised to see you here”.

She told me that She was very busy answering prayers and meditations but that She would send “helpers” to guide me in my dreaming. As I left the cavern I lost my lucidity.

Since that time, every time I become lucid I call on Her and each time a female helper or priestess of Quan Yin comes to me and teaches me. She has taught me many lessons and given me gifts that have helped me tremendously. I view Her as my Spirit Guide because the lessons She teaches me are for my spiritual growth.


Wonderful story, Dreamster.

Do you think that your Spirit Guide would have taken the form of a primary spiritual figure corresponding to whatever religion you follow at the time? Many Christians see their spirit guides as Angels…

Oh, if only I could attain lucidity again! I have not been lucid since October!!

My goal I have set for my next experience is to meet my Spirit Guide.


Yes, I have been involved in Buddhism for many years as a meditation student then teacher and also have a great reverence for the Sacred Feminine , so I believe Quan Yin’s appearance was directly connected to the intent of my spiritual journey.

You might want to try this technique to bring back your lucid dreams. Apply a dab of moist clay to your forehead/third eye before sleep. It has a subtle drawing sensation that can bring more attention to your mind’s eye in dreaming.


I have yet to take up the task to stumble across my SG. Not sure if it’s because I don’t wanna bug em, or if I already have an idea of what I would find if I looked, etc.

But otherwise, thanks for sharing dreamster, I may try to sort the time to go on this sort of adventure…

Wow, that’s beautiful!
I need to meet my spirit guide too, I need some guidance.

Hmm. I will try that, dreamster… Now where to dig up some clay?

This is what I wanted to do so badly. I wanted to meet my SG and asked them questions about LDing. But I actually called on them one time while I was lucid, and I didn’t get a reply. :sad:

But I will definitely give it a another try.

I think meeting our spirit guide has a lot to do with our desire to walk the spiritual path. It has to do with a sincere desire to know more about ourselves and our place in the Universe. I’ll try to give you some examples of my encounters.

I dreamed my wife and I were at park and I was fishing in a lake and my wife was painting a picture of the scene. I caught a fish but the fish started changing shapes after I pulled it in. This made me lucid. I looked at my hands and became very lucid.

I looked more closely at the park and it was like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz. The people in the park were munchkins. I called on my spirit guide, the Goddess, and announced to everyone that the Goddess was about to appear. All the people looked at me like I was crazy, but then a little munchkin girl shouted “Look everyone, it’s Glenda!” Down from the sky floated a globe of light with the good witch Glenda inside.

Everyone rushed over to Her, myself included. She began handing out small gifts to us all. I waited in line and when it came my turn She gave me a small green and yellow gyroscope.

When I woke up the next morning I knew that she had given me the gyroscope to help me keep my balance and stay on track.

In another lucid dream She gave me two magnets, one to put in each pocket, to keep me centered. She once appeared and Her face changed into many of the different women I have known in my life, showing me to recognize the Goddess in all women.

She continues to teach me and it seems like the more I take Her guidance the more She appears to me.


Wow dreamster, that’s really something amazing you have with your SG.

I have a quick question: do you know emotionally (or at some deeper level) that all these characters are the same “person,” or are they obviously the same person? I too am interested in meeting my SG but I’m trying to eliminate some of my preconceptions and expectations.

It’s the same energy. The teaching is consistent. The goddess/priestess always has a glow around Her. They are called luminous beings by some traditions. I think that luminosity is a good thing to look for to identify a Spirit Guide in dreaming.