meeting other members of forurum while LD

I dunno is it a good place for this topic, but nevermind :tongue: … I don’t know this forum so good, so maybe in a past there was such an idea… but Tonight I had a LD in which I met somebody from this forum, and I thouth where to annonce that this event had place and eventualy check was this true, or just dream- Lucid dream. So this topic may be a place where members of the forum search for people they met in Dreams. OK… and I told this person ( I found this was male- person) that my nick is Carlo, but damn long time, couldn’t find a first letter so I told- "My nick’s first letter is T… Ehmm wait- Oh I know it’s Carlo :content: ". Or something like this. I found this person have a LD too. I remember that this person had a some kind of green T-shirt.
So such person is wanted- dead or lively :smile:

Cool! Maybe you stumbled into the LD4All Party going on? :smile:

Check: Lucid Adventures: 11 Spectral Moon topic.

Hi Carlo!

I don’t think it’s a wonderful idea, cause there is already the Who from LD4all have you dreamt about?" topic, so the same information will be repeated twice on the forum.

Moreover, if everybody searches for all the DC’s they met in LD’s, the list could be very long! :happy:

Every people who want to verify if they had a SD with somebody else could watch the “Who have you dreamt about?” topic for replies. There is a special “Watch this topic” link at the bottom of each thread in order to do this. Then if it’s a SD, they could relate their dreams in the “Accounts of shared dreams” topic, in this subforum. :smile: