Meeting the dead


I heard about LD’s recently and it caught my attention, i havn’t had any yet but i’m still tryin’…anyway, i was wondering if it’s possible for me to meet my dead grandfather if a have a LD? I was a kid when he died so i would like to get to know him… :smile:


i haven’t had a real lucid dream yet either, but i read a lot about it. and according to the authors of those books you can. i think in your dreams you can do anything you can imagine anyway! even if you can’t really remember your grandfather,i think it’s still no problem for your subconciousness to remember! i think the only limit you have in your dreams is your imagination! enjoy your dreams!

Hi xzit! …Welcome to the LD4ALL forum !!! :content:
Of course u can meet your deceased grandpa! Its your dream, u can make anything or anyone appeare if u really want it/them to!!
Good luck with your dreaming and i hope u have many more lucid dreams !
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One of the great things about lucid dreams is that you can use them to do unfinished buisness that you may have in waking life.
You mind makes it real. -Morpheus

You could meet your grandfather but it would only be what your mind makes it.

It wouldn’t be your grandfather but it would be similar. He wouldn’t be able to tell you things about his life that you don’t already know because its coming from your mind. A LD is about controling your mind and that means controling the dream and its contents.

Perhaps you could call him.He’d have to say yes,but I think you could call him.Just as long as you aren’t trying to make money off this I won’t get angry.