Meeting with yourself...

What would you do if you could meet with yourself - your exact copy? Would it be a pleasant meeting?

you mean, a clone of yourself?

If they were exactly the same as you, I can think of 2 possible outcomes, and this is all dependant on what type of person you are.

Either you would clash, because you would both want the same things, and this could cause trouble, because you would both be as persistant as each other, and if you get what I mean, you would probably end up destroying each other…

Or, you would get on perfect with your copy, because you would agree on everything, and have everything in common…

This would all depend on the type of person you are, and I think its more than likely that you wouldnt get on with the copy.

This happened to me once in a non lucid dream, I saw myself, but 10 years younger. We talked a bit, “he” was at his ease, there was nothing extraordinary however. I had a feeling like “o that’s funny it’s me but younger”.

theres alot of things i can think of doing. I think I would have a sword fight to the death because if anybody were to kill me it would be honorable for my clone to do it.

I saw that idea in the “fav things” thread. I think it’s very interesting thing to try (in LD of course… :grin: ) if your sub-c could do it properly. But IRL you could do many great things, like for example solving problems. It would be cool if I could talk with myself, we would understand each other completely and perfectly.

i think if i met myself exactly as i am now, then ‘we’ would agree (and of course we would agree, because right now we’d be exactly the same) to separate for at least a couple of years, try to have as completely different experiences of life as possible, and then re-meet a couple of years later and see how different/synchronised we still are. although. i think that would have a dangerous potential, because if one of us ended up with a much more fulfilling/meaningful/downright happy life than the other, i’m sure the other would kill her in jealousy. i mean, it’s one of the worst things i can imagine to have a living breathing flesh image of what you could have been but cannot be. but then…we could both have awesome lives that still shapes us differently, but because both come from the same core thing i’m sure it would be like having a “soulmate” once we reunited with eachother.

and, uh, sometimes i have thought that if my animus came to life it would be interesting, to find out how one’s opposite sex/gender might influence the perceptions and experiences of things…

one time in LD i saw myself came out from a room . i was bigger in scale and something like bright or foggy( look like withe ) . that was the biggest fear that i feel in LD . very pure , not like we sence in ordinary life or SP. that was natural and wild fear that rise from my dream body , i ( with out any reason ) scream loud and awaken and from 5:30 time 8 am keep walking to make myself calm.

It’s very good possible that your copy comes from a parallel universe. In that case, he’s probably made up from anti particles. If I were you, I wouldn’t even attempt to touch him, because then you’d both disappear in a gigantic light flash :smile:
Other than that, I think it can be very useful to talk to each other, because this gives you a unique opportunity to see how your behaviour is seen by other people. This may be a great way to learn a lot about yourself.
I’ve only seen myself once in a dream… but unfortunately the-other-me was asleep. So I did some self-healing on him. It did effect me somehow in the morning :smile:

Ohhh…sleep with myself!!What a neat idea:)Finally id know how it is to be WITH Sex God:)
Opportunity definately not to miss:)


I’d probably freak out and run away or something, thinking I was losing it… :content:

I saw myself in my dream before. I just stood there looking at myself & vice versa.

aww. dreamwalker, i miss reading your dreams.

ps. i really like the smiley. i wish had that on a tshirt

I miss reading your dreams also.

If they had a T-shirt with that on it I definitely would wear it. :smile:

aww really? cool!
you probably miss my repetative replies of “that was an amazing dream”

heh. :tongue:

It could be a cool thing to meet myself. I could ask my other self all sorts of private questions, and she would have to answer honestly. We could learn a lot about why we are like we are.