Mega- water drinking ?

There’s the idea that the hypnic jerks are our astral / other bodies separating then coming back at light speed, and the consciousness does not go with it,


I heard once, drink TONS of water before bed, and it will clear the connection so that you can leave
*suck as 6 glasses, using common sense to not over-do, maybe 2-3 glasses

I really wanna understand,
you can get so groggy, you can do your counting, your MILD, and go very deep in and out of “trances” but you don’t ever leave the body, because REM doesn’t happen until many hours after going to sleep, yet

for the sake of OBE, you should be able to LEAVE and STAY out right when you lose consciousness, immediately when you do

things I’ve tried is sitting in a chair and meditating while falling asleep, or drinking green tea to keep my mind partially awake, as I go in and out of the trances
but these make me tired and eventually I go to bed,

so how do we get OUT ?

my idea is water,
the other way water works is causing you to dream about bathrooms, as well as becoming a WBTB.

intersting but explaine how water would help you go with your astral? why would it clear the connection?

It’ll make you leave your bed alright. Straight to the bathroom.

I’m not sure about this one. Water is supposed to be strongly related in some way to the spiritual realm.

It kind of makes sense because water keeps you healthy and hydrated, and the better your health, the easier astral projection and lucid dreaming are, and also health can intensify your experiences…just a thought.

I think it was the on The Simpsons where to wake up early for Christmas, Bart drank like nine glasses of water and it worked.

Also, I heard somewhere that in order to wake up early for battle or the hunt, native Americans and possibly other native people drank a lot of water too.

So it should work, at least for WBTB, i’m not sure about the spiritual connection though.

This should be planned carefully because several people have died by drinking too much water about 12-18 dm3 per day. Just the kidneys stop working.

Reasonable amount of water helps WBTB.

hi guys, just dropped by to remind everyone that ~6 litres of water = overdose. something to do with breaking the equilibrium between blood concentration and cell concentration and reversion the flow of liquid in the sense of bloating the cells ‘till they break. it must be as nice as it sounds! so whoever gets to try this, please please please follow Eyelids’ recommendation: a pint of water (give or take a cup) is already a humongous lot, and it won’t kill you.

I saw something on the internet, and I know water is spiritually connected, somehow.

When reciting something about love to water, and letting it freeze, it became the most beautiful ice crystal, opposed to the control tests. Hatred ended in ugly and mangled ice crystals, with no symmetry.

^ Dr Emoto,

water is indeed quite spiritual, i like to charge it in a glass container with sunlight from my window,
or play my crystal singing bowl and ask it cleanse the water ,
it makes all the difference in the world, and brings such life into it.

often times will make blue sapphire gem elixir by having a gem stone in the glass container in the sunlight for a few hours.
a select few gems are toxic or dissolve inside water, so consult internet if you intend to make elixirs, i’d imagine an amethyst, moonstone, obsidian combination would work for lucidity, or jade