Melatonin and LDing: a scientific article


Currently in production? In 1995?

Is this formula available to purchase? If not, can all of those ingredients be easily acquired?

Yes I was wondering about that too. I haven’t got any idea though… But if it exists then it really must give you some wonderful LDs :happy:
I’m not sure either where to get DMAE or pyroglutamic acid… Jeff probably knows :content: You can get melatonin, pyridoxine and riboflavin at your local chemist without prescription.

Pyroglutamate i dont know but will find out soon.
DmAE you can by at good specialised vitamin shops!
Or from the internet…“here”

I tested DMAE with large quantities…cost some money lol.
I never had the feeling it improved my lucid dreaming but ehm i truly can say all learning at daytime i did while on dmae was way more easy! Memory was really sharpend! So for students its great…no joke!


Jeff, do you know if you can find DMAE in any foods, like is there any natural source of it or a similar chemical. And if so what foods would one find it. Thanx

Ceavou Dmae can be found in fish! :smile:

I tried btw also piracetam in high quantities and it had more or less the same effect like dmae but then even better, but still it had also no real effect at lucid dreaming…thats all not so strange because no nootropic that works on your memory can beat nicotine…that really purely mimics our memory neurotransmitter and that also doesnt give you more lds just more rem sleep. I did it a long time ago but its time i c to tell what worked the best of all my ld research with plants and chemicals subatances…
I will put it in the shortcuts section!


I’ll keep that medicine in mind when i go to college :content:

yeah Sleepy DMAE really improves your memory for picking up new things! :smile:


DMAE is found in a multivitamin pharmaton (it also includes Ginseng).