melatonin - is it safe?

Hi friends,
I am an avid lucid dreamer. My age is 21. While randomly going through the posts i saw many topics relating to melatonin. What is that pill? can it induce lucidity?
Have any one of u tried it with success? Is it safe and does it have any side effects? Can it be brought over the counter? Pls clarify guys…
Sorry i am a commerce student and do not know much abt the pills…

I believe melatonin is safe - it’s natural after all and this very substance is why Vitamin B6 is good for dreams (B6->tryptophan->melatonin), so I think you just shouldn’t overdose it and try to not abuse it (get addicted).

Ok, how many dose u recommend for melatonin? When it should be taken?

I take melatonin about 30 minutes to an hour before sleep. Dosage really depends on if you need it or not, I believe.

You can get melatonin in health food shops, drugstores, chemists, etc in most countries. The correct dose should be on the label. It has helped me with restoring my sleep rhythm after working different shifts. The “slow release” version hasn’t made me sleep well, though. It has often given me nightmares.

If you are a vegetarian, make sure to read the label btw! “Natural” melatonin is made from animal brains… :yuck: “Synthetic” melatonin isn’t.

I imagine it is safe but its synthetic.
here are some natural sources
Melatonin source Melatonin content (ng/g)
Huang-qin 7,110
St. John’s wort, flower 4,390
Fever few, green leaf 2,450
Fever few, gold leaf 1,920
St. John’s wort, leaf 1,750
White mustard seed 189
Black mustard seed 129
Wolf berry seed 103
Fenugreek seed 43
Sunflower seed 29
Fennel seed 28
Alfalfa seed 16
Green cardamom seed 15
Tart cherry fruit (Montmorency) 15
Flax seed 12
Anise seed 7
Coriander seed 7
Celery seed 7
Poppy seed 6
Milk thistle seed 2
Tart cherry fruit (Balaton) 2

Synthetic are efficient but not as smooth and useful from my experience. You can get st johns wort for any place that has melatonin also, pharmacy etc. Also think about the ug/g is superior than OTC supplements whose aim is to make money so they say the daily value is absurdly low. I actually had no idea st johns wort did this so I will have to try it.

Melatonin is known to shift REM cycles. And produce vivid dreams if used under 5mg if go higher than 5mg, very high chances of EZTREMLY VIVID NIGHTMARES, so no want to over dose :razz:

I have taken melatonin pills before (5mg, I believe) when trying to shift my sleep schedule away from going to bed AFTER sunrise. They helped me fall asleep sooner (though only with a minimal effect) but did nothing for dream recall, vividness, nor lucidity. It is as safe as any other supplement, but it may not have the effects you want.

Also, a note to Pressence of Light: Going off your numbers (assuming ng/g you mean the scientific notation of nanogram per gram), at 4,390 ng/g, you’d have to take over 1 kilogram of St John’s Wort to make it up to the 5mg dosage of a melatonin pill. St John’s Wort (if I recall correctly) is used as an anti-depressant and would probably have pretty bad side effects if you over dosed. 1kg is a MASSIVE overdose.

Thanks Guys :smile: I am a Pure Vegetarian and i live in India (Chennai)…Ok, Melatonin should be taken in isolation or along with Vitamin B6 supplements and/or any other supplements?
Whether Overdose is harmful and lead to Coma? I heard its a sleep inducer and overdose can be fatal…

It has proven remarkably and virtually free from side effects. It is indeed safe and effective.

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Just because something induces sleep doesn’t mean you can die from an overdose. Or slip into a coma. While I’m not sure if melatonin is fatal if overused, I can’t imagine how it would be. Other “sleep inducers” that are actual anesthetics and used during things like surgeries, those are obviously another story. Overdose on those can lead to quick death, but then again, that’s why trained personnel administer them.

If you really want to search if something is safe, use the internet, believe me, if it’s a drug, they have more than enough information about it online. Have you even seen the weed-related items you can buy online, let alone research? It’s ridiculous!!!