melatonin … onin.shtml

its funny to read these cuz thay ppl that took mel. b4 bed and didnt know anything about lucid dreaming

im thinken about trying it i have some already at home but i have taken them ive had the bottle 4 yrs now

i think ima gan take 1mg 1 night a week and compair DJ entries then up it to 2 mg 1 night a week ,comparing, then 3 mg 1 night a week

i will compair the 6 night w/out mel. to the 1 night w/mell.

in all 3 wks if the 1 night is extreamly beter recall/lucidity than the other 6 nights

ill post my finding when im done-- it would be nice if someone could do thid test with like 100 test persons